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A Little Late on the Oscar party...

...but people in the living room are watching the rerun. (team up of the two biggest franchises of the decade)

No surprises there! Anne Hathaway won her first Oscar for Les Miserable. I'm still not watching the movie, and I still don't get how her role can be so hyped considering she's only in the film one third of the time (and actually does die before her daughter gets old - then again, based on the musical). I think her chances of winning were higher than her competitors was because they were mum about their nomination and didn't do much press, unlike Hathaway who kept on talking and talking about her role. Jennifer Lawrence also wins her first Oscar...and she hasn't been in much films as other people that has been in the industry longer than she was. I did love her performance in Silver Linings Playbook and have now deduced that I like her in independent films. Daniel Day Lewis also snags the award for Best Actor, but it was just to be expected. Would have been surprising if Bradley Cooper scoops the award. Was kind of hoping it would be Denzel Washington though. Amour winning foreign film wasn't a surprise, considering it has been nominated for best picture. Has a foreign film nominee ever won best motion picture?

Argo for the win! While my money's been with Argo for Best Motion Picture, it couldn't be helped but think of Lincoln suddenly sweeping in for the win. I haven't been following the Oscars that long (and there are years that I didn't pay attention to them), but I remember Crash winning over Brokeback Mountain. What was that? Brokeback was sweeping in with nods and Crash wins the statue. 

Most surprising win. Ang Lee wins best director for Life of Pi. That was a shocker, and vaguely confusing. If Ben Affleck was nominated, he would have won it and Argo's fate would be sealed. I was expecting it to go to Spielberg at least, but no. I still have to watch Life of Pi but based on the visuals alone, I'm betting it's going to be pleasing in the eyes. 

Christoph Waltz wins his second Oscar as Best Supporting Actor. About time he aims for the Best Actor award. I'm sure with the right role and with the right director (possibly Tarantino, hopefully Tarantino), he's going to win that statue one day. 

The greatest Oscar moment to grace Tumblr would have to be Jennifer Lawrence falling. If it was anyone else (probably Anne Hathaway), it would be a laughing matter. No, it was Jennifer Lawrence and it just adds to her already pleasing personality. That, and Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman and Jean Dujardin all rush forward to help her. 

Other wins. I expected Frankenweenie to win for animated feature, but it went to Pixar's Brave. Not one of their best though. Plus Adele wins for Skyfall! Why didn't I hitch to the Adele bandwagon earlier? She's amazing!

Red Carpet. Best dressed for me would have to be Amy Adams and Naomi Watts, followed by Amanda Seyfried, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence. 


  1. Well, The Artist snagged the Best Picture last year and it's French. :D

    1. True, thanks for pointing that out! :) But it wasn't nominated for best foreign film though. :( Maybe because the (minimal) speech was in English?


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