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February Round Up

yup, we're all just going to watch ezra do this. from here
New films seen: 20
Rewinds: 6
Total: 26
The shortest month of the year is already over yet it felt like the last two weeks have been awfully long. I felt like I've been repeating Friday thrice in one week, only to find out that it's either Wednesday or Thursday. After changing my wires endlessly, I decided to finally retire my laptop. I've been using it since I was a freshman in college and now's a pretty good time to retire it. I wish I could upgrade to a Macbook (like every other person here) but that's going to take a lot of saving. 

I'm not going to be putting Oscar coverage links over here, but one of my favorite film bloggers has officially stopped blogging. Cinematic Paradox was one of the first ones I've read and Stevee's really good. She is going to be missed!

Here's an Oscar-related post though. Rachel and Jess over at Reel Insight launched their yearly 30 Days of Oscars in anticipation of the Academy Awards.

If you're a fan of Ally McBeal, check out Sati from Cinematic Corner's post about her favorite Ally McBeal episodes.

Besides reading books, I enjoy reading screenplays. Vulture featured David Magee's toughest scene to write in Life of Pi.

Daniel from Top 10 Films wrote about his Top 10 Female Buddy Films.

What's Next for March?
Hopefully I'll be able to write more reviews, but I'm getting a feeling it's going to be quite a busy month!
Edit: I'm contemplating on making some aesthetic changes to the blog (including the blog url). I'll be closing my blog for a day to implement these changes, but will announce the new url a week before.