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Shows that Got Ruined For Me

Pardon the harsh title but I couldn't think of any other way to word it. At one point in time, we stop watching a television show that we rigorously follow simply because it goes another way and the story line ruins the show for us. At least, that's in my opinion. It has happened to me a couple of times and I never thought of writing about it until now. I can only think of seven at the top of my head, so here are the seven shows that got ruined for me. Note: these are not bad/awful shows, I just stopped following them at some point because I personally didn't like how it was turning out. 

Reason: Lucas picked Peyton over Brooke.
It's probably most likely because of the whole Chad Michael Murray - Sophia Bush divorce that the writers had to push the story into another way but when Lucas and Peyton officially got together, I immediately stopped watching the show. I liked Peyton for Jake, they seemed to be more of the compatible pair.

Reason: Casting of the new doctors
I may have skipped just a couple of seasons of House, but the show got ruined for me when it hit its fourth season and House was hiring new doctors because his old ones didn't want to work for him anymore. Chase and Foreman did go back working for House, but it still wasn't the same. Don't get me wrong, I liked the new additions and it was sad that Kal Penn had left (he was my favorite of the original new additions), followed by Olivia Wilde but it was that time that the show's quality began going downhill.

Reason: Death of the Huntsman/Release of magic in the present world (season finale)
I actually finished this season and caught a bit of the next one but the story was just getting heavy, and it wasn't entertaining anymore so I stopped watching. I think there were two reasons why it went downhill for me. The first one was the huntsman's death. I felt that it could have been the season finale, since everything became fast paced after that. The other one was because of the season finale, which triggered a heavier, more dramatic tale about Storybrooke.

Reason: Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace, but mostly Topher Grace/Jackie and Fez ending up together
It wasn't the same without Kelso and Eric! Both actors left the show for the sake of their film career. Although Ashton makes a couple of appearances, their disapperance from the show triggered unlikely storylines that weren't synonymous to the show's original tone. I mean that guy Donna was dating? WHY? Also, I think that Jackie and Hyde's relationship could have been mended, or she could have just moved on, but why Fez? Fez has always liked Jackie but there was never an inkling that Fez was going to act upon it, and it seemed like Jackie was desperate to be with someone. I think if Dawson has ended up with Joey in Dawson's Creek, it would definitely be placed on this list too.
Note: I knew Jackie and Fez ended up together before watching the last season so I still haven't watched this season.

Reason: Mischa Barton.
The OC is sort of an exception. The OC died when Marissa Cooper died. But to be honest, I loved season 4. I guess I'm putting this here because her death ended my favorite season. No matter how many Seth and Summer moments there are, I think there are more Marissa/Ryan fans out there and for them not ending up together lost the show its following. 

Reason: Jess and Nick/Cece and Schmidt
Beware, The Mindy Show. Don't you go playing the Mindy-Danny card soon! Your show could end up like this show. Although there was sexual tension between Jess and Nick, they played the card too soon. I don't think Jess and Nick are in the stage of their relationship where they should be getting together. That kiss just made things awkward and I don't know how they're going to revive the story from that. Their characters are supposed to  be awkward, but the show's not going to work if things will always be awkward between them. Same goes for Cece and Schmidt. They need to get over each other. Schmidt pining for Cece is no longer funny, and I don't know how Cece could hurt Schmidt even if she knows he still feels something for her. She is trying to play the apathetic card but she is far from apathetic. I'm betting they're going to get back together at the end of the season.

Reason: Castle and Beckett
I think I am the only one who is anti-Castle/Beckett right now. I like watching Castle because of the crime and their friendship. Castle and Beckett were two great characters, but when they finally got together, Beckett did a complete 180 degree turn. Now she's no longer that tough, independent woman. She is now putty in Castle's hand, which is really sad because she used to be this rational character. She had her share of boyfriends in the show but when she got together with Castle, the spark disappeared. There was no more spunk, no more exchanges, but it's now filled with love related conversations. Great, just when the story line was getting interesting. Not to mention the rest of the cast members have less screen time which is sad. Whenever I see the current season of Castle on TV and Castle and Beckett are having one of their relationship conversations, I just want to gag. Their relationship ruined the show for me, which is why I can't stand watching Castle any longer. 


  1. I must agree on some... like House was a total let down after the new doctors. Though the whole concept kind of died. The OC went with Marissa for sure, same for That 70's Show.. I don't agree with Castle and Once Upon a Time which now has Hook and Neal! Then again, Neal is played by Michael Raymond-James who I love so.. that kind of keeps it going for me.
    The biggest miss is One Three Hill. Though, I do think Jake and Payton were awesome, I couldn't see Brooke and Lucas together at all.. For me OTH died when Payton and Lucas left, that was the real end and maybe even when they did the jump forward 4 years or something, that season.. oh my. 3 first seasons though - LOVE!

    1. Maybe I should watch One Tree Hill again. I stopped after season 2 or 3, I think so I really have no clue what happened afterwards. Same goes for Once Upon A Time.

  2. I completely agree with this list. I pretty much gave up watching Castle, because Bekett was no longer the same.
    And House completely lost it mid-way through season 5. Sad...Used to be such an awesome show!

    1. I resumed following House when the whole House-Cuddy angle was played out, but after that, I stopped (again). I don't even want to think about the last season.


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