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March Round Up

New films seen: 5
Rewind: 6
Total: 11
March practically spelled death on my blog. I haven't been watching too many flicks, and only caught up as of late. I was supposed to have some scheduled posts before I took off for Easter weekend but hopefully I'll be pulling in some posts for this weekend. I did have a ton of marathons, but mostly of comedies. Chuck is next on my list; hopefully I'll be able to watch it this summer, as well as my endless watch list. Besides my endless watch list is another look for my blog, as well as a new url. Hopefully this one sticks.

Self plug but I participated in a blogathon this month. Head over to Life Between Films to read my entry (under Film Sloth).

Take a look at great father and son films, released by The Playlist.

I was debating on whether to see either The Croods or Oz (and chose the latter). While I have yet to see the former (and post my review about Oz), check out m.brown's review of Croods down at Two Dollar Cinema. 

Spring Breakers is currently the movie 'word of mouth' in the blog sphere these days. Check out Mettel Ray's take on the film.

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones (which I have yet to watch, but judging on the ravings of my cousins, I better get started), check out Sati from Cinematic Corner's Game of Thrones posts in anticipation for the third season (which is tonight).

What's Next for April?
Besides my late reviews, I have a collaboration post in the works. Hopefully I'll get through those before my work ultimately piles up. 


  1. Thanks for the link!

    PS: It will take me super long to get used to the fact that you changed your blog's name. Man, I will get it eventually but it will take some time. :D

    1. You're welcome!

      I thought I needed a change (and maybe stop being lazy when it comes to posting something). :)


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