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April Round Up

(yup Ross, work it. via tumblr)
New films seen: 17
Rewinds: 7
Total: 24
A lot of watching, but a little writing. April has wiped me out with all the work I had to do. To be honest I don't recall much of my month besides work. It's already summer in my part of the world and let me tell you, it is hot. Scourging hot! Really missing the spring weather from nearby countries. Besides being swamped from work, I hadn't noticed that the month has breezed by. Realized that today was the final day of the month when I sat down to check the date. 

Amy from Movie Writing shares her thoughts on two supernatural romance flicks Warm Bodies and Beautiful Creatures.

Nick from The Cinematic Katzenjammer shares the trailer for The Way, Way Back. which stars two of my favorite people, Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell.

Mettel Ray shares her top 50 films (part 1/part 2) in celebration of her 500th post. 

Sati from Cinematic Corner's Scene of the Week: Batman Returns is making me want to see it. Michelle Pfeiffer looks amazing in it...and this is just in gif form. Imagine the movie!

For Game of Thrones fans, here's a mnemonic device from Vulture for the names of the characters. I still have yet to check out the show. I should get to it before I go away this summer. I think I will need this.

This entry about The Hangover III from Ultra Culture did get my attention.

The Big Bang Theory's been in hiatus for most of the month, but here's an article about some of the guest stars in the hit comedy show from The Hollywood Reporter.

Reading screenplays is one of my favorite past times. Here's an excerpt from Perks of Being a Wallflower, also from Vulture.

What's next for May?
I may have a Mother's Day post lined up for the weekend, and a bit of high school nostalgia when I get around to it. Hoping to put some posts on queue before I go on another trip!