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What to Expect when You're Expecting

This is my entry to the 5 obstructions blogathon. For more details, click here.
Cast: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks
Director: Kirk Jones

What to Expect When You're Expecting gives us two things that Hollywood has spawning up as of recent: book adaptations and ensemble casts. Loosely based on the titular book, the movie shows the lives of five women and their respective partners, and the different experiences they undergo as individuals and as couples, as they prepare for the arrival of their child. Similar movies depict some kind of conflict, mostly between the couple, but all in all, there are happy endings. 

The movie is not all thumbs up, but I liked the characters of Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks, most of all. I like how the plot decided to choose Kendrick's character to undergo that tragic experience because it was really life-changing. I think that's an experience that all wannabe mothers/moms in the making/mothers in general wouldn't want to happen, and the scene enough felt devastating. I thought that among all the plots, it was Elizabeth Banks' story line that felt un-movie-like, that most of it felt realistic. Pregnancy is not all happy times, but it was only her character who had the guts to call out what she really felt. Also a plus for this movie is the ever awesome Rebel Wilson (loved that she got paired up with Banks, they have good working chemistry), and the brief appearance of Megan Mullally. 

If you're up for a no-brainer with A-List stars, or to see familiar faces, this movie might be a good choice.

For the record, you're not missing anything even if you don't see this. Just go read the book instead (if you're an expecting mother, and if it really is helpful for pregnancies).


  1. :) Nice one...I see you had trouble making it positive, but it all sounds very believable

    1. It was hard. I wasn't sure how to make it sound like 'you should go see this!' and all. But thanks.

  2. Yeah, I hated this, but nice subtle way of turning a negative movie experience into a somewhat positive review!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to check out your entry for the blogathon!

  3. Again new site.. man, it's hard to keep up. Hopefully this will stay cause I kind of like it.. :D


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