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May Round Up

New movies seen: 3
Rewinds: 3
Total: 6

And there goes the end of my somewhat blogging hiatus. Nothing much happened this month, besides work and the trip that I've been longing to have. The only big thing that happened to me tv/movie-wise is that I am now a recent convert of The Office and Parks and Rec. Besides that, I have started watching Game of Thrones to the prodding of my cousins, and partly because of the recaps I've been reading. I have stopped watching it, however, because I have started to read the books, therefore gaining more clarity in terms of who the characters are. So, enough of my rambling and now the links (that I have managed to save up before I disappeared from my screen). 

For the fans of Wes Anderson, Jessica from The Playlist writes about the best of Wes Anderson's commercials. Also coming from the same site, Drew talks about Leonardo Di Caprio's movies about doomed romances.

Because I am a recent fan, Ellie Kemper's The Office album from Vulture. Also, an alphabet of conversations.

Linking all of Alex's lists (either from And So It Begins... or Movie Mezzanine) at once! Top 10 Soderbergh films, english speaking flicks that need subtitles, parent-child acting combos.

Last entry from The Playlist: Style or Substance?

Behind the scene photos from Jeff Bridges.

What's next for June?
More posts, hopefully.