June Round Up

New movies seen: 14
Rewinds: 2
Total: 16

June has gone by in a blur (sort of). Kind of surprise that I caught 16 movies, considering the slow pace I've been on. I launched my new soon-to-be feature, if I don't get derailed into writing the new one. If you haven't seen it, click on the A Gifted Man image on my sidebar (or you know, just click the link). I watched the remaining Batman flicks I haven't seen this month (reviews to be up soon!). I'm also in the middle of reading A Game of Thrones, which is really long but I'm halfway through. Hopefully I'll be done by the end of this month. I was planning this entire movie marathon for this past weekend, but plans fell through. 


I think Game of Thrones' Red Wedding was the biggest television thing to hit this month. Read Sati's (from Cinematic Corner) recap of the episode. On a related note, an interview with Richard Madden about this particular episode from Rolling Stones.

Read Alex's (from And So It Begins...) list of actors/actresses whose career faltered post-Oscar win.

Jon from The Artifice lists 15 coming of age films worth a look. Also from The Artifice: A Crash Course with Woody Allen films by Ana, Top 10 Roles of Tom Cruise by Thomas.

Heather from Man, I Love Films lists her top bromance pairs.

Dave from Dave Examines Movies reviews one of my favorite movies, Stranger than Fiction.

Paul from The People's Movies mentions his top teen flicks in relation to Spike Island.

Pinar from My Modern Met posts a couple of behind the scene photos from movies and tv.

A couple of lists from The Playlist: Meta flicks, Apocalypse movies, workplace comedies and directoral debuts from screenwriters.

Vulture weighs on troubled marriages between Mad Men and Game of Thrones; they also give a list of toughest TV farewells that ended this 2012-2013 run. If you're not on a Game of Thrones withdrawal (10 months of waiting!), here's this season in infographics.

How to Make a Sofia Coppola Movie according to Louis from BuzzFeed.

What's next for July?
More reviews, hopefully.

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