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August Round Up

New movies seen: 21
Repeats: 8
Total: 29

I wonder how it's like to live in Gatsby's house. A mansion, but only one person inside...that's got to be sad. Hoping the two week hiatus is going to do me some good, as I've managed to whip up a couple of reviews. August has been a busy month, and it's not going to get any slower. The last months of the year are slowly creeping in, and there's more to look forward to. Awards season is about to begin, and the return of fall television to greet us all. But enough babbling and onto this months' links!


If you're a Mumford & Sons/Jason Bateman/Ed Helms/Jason Sudeikis/Will Forte, watch the music video! (from Vulture)

I've been on Buzzfeed lately so here's a few things: Schmidt quotes, Jess quotes, Mean Girls Alphabet, and Which Ryan Gosling character are you?

For all Gillian Jacobs fans out there. 

12 Great Films by Older Filmmakers by Spencer from The Artifice.

Movie Bus Rides to Avoid by Mark from Top 10 Films.

25 Films about First Love from The Playlist.


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    1. You're welcome! One of the posts I enjoyed this month!

  2. Enjoy your two-week break! I've just discovered your blog recently but would definitely come back for more :D

    1. Thank you! Been a follower of your blog for quite some time! :)


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