Breaking Emotions: Hate/Love

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Finishing up the Breaking Emotions blogathon are hate and love, these two emotions rather harder to condense because there are so many choices! This was a fun blogathon, and thanks again to the lovely Mettel Ray for hosting it! 


Movie 43

That was the worst movie released this year. I chose this scene mainly because it's the only one I remember...and that's not a good thing. I have no idea what the actors were thinking; this was a sad excuse for a movie. Were they blackmailed to do this? I don't think the payday excuse is going to work on this one.

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby as a whole was not that bad, but it's not Oscar material either. Of all the scenes I found ridiculously bad, this was a really bad one. Was that supposed to be for fun? Flirty? Entertaining? Show off new clothes, or to let her feel the material? For whatever reason it might be, the scene was just plain bad. If I were Daisy, I would be weirded out with what Gatsby was doing. Throwing shirts off? Even if I were Nick, watching from a distance, I would think Gatsby was kind of nuts, and probably wonder what I was doing setting up my cousin with a nutcase like him.

Mirror Mirror

I actually don't hate the movie (but I do feel a lot indifferent), but I found this scene particularly annoying. It's not because I don't enjoy dance numbers like this, but it looked so out of place, particularly where it was in the movie. I would have preferred it to be placed somewhere at the start or the middle (or chop off unnecessary scenes towards the end and just put this instead).


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I think everyone should see this at least once. To come think of it, casting Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet for this makes them an unlikely pair, but they make it work and you just end up loving them. Carrey proves that he isn't just about comedy, and Winslet of course demonstrates why she is one of the best actresses working in the industry. This is perfect for those who are romantics, or for people who are heartbroken or for anyone, really. The message of the film just stays with the viewer, and you can't really take apart the film because it's one of those works that you have to enjoy as a whole.


Do you have moments when you see a movie on television and no matter what happens, you stop what you're doing and just watch it? Inception is that, for me. I couldn't even count how many times I've seen this for the last year. I have a lot of favorite scenes but I chose this one because I loved the stunt, and it features Joseph Gordon-Levitt (although I just noticed there's a lot of Leo DiCaprio love on this blogathon -- at least on my end). 


My favorite animated princess that trumps all other princesses is not even a Disney princess. I've always loved Anastasia (and is partly the reason why I want to go to Russia). Compared to the others, she's not very damsel-in-distress-y, and the movie has a darker tone. I also love how the villain is integral and not just some extra or had limited parts. 


  1. That Gatsby scene was ridiculous. The expression on DiCaprio's face really made me laugh.

    1. That was the first scene that came to mind! A lot made me laugh, but I don't think it was supposed to.