Breaking Emotions: Smiles/Thrills

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Mettel Ray has released the last two sets a couple of weeks ago, but it's only now that I'm getting to work on them. Usually I do parts of my blogging at work, but I haven't been able to sit in front of my laptop for weeks, usually just reading blogs over the phone. With the holiday season rolling through, hopefully I'll be able to get some entries in before the holidays completely swallow me whole. For this set of emotions, it's smiles and thrills. 


Wall-E and Eve reunite in space after the whole self destruction fiasco.

Wall-E is my favorite Pixar movie, and this is my favorite scene. Their love is so simple and yet so beautiful. I love that while Eve is worried for Wall-E, all Wall-E could think about is Eve's mission, and how he wanted her to fulfill it at all cost. This has very minimal dialogue for an animated film, and yet the actions say everything you need to know (and will love) about the movie.

This is the End

It's difficult to just pinpoint one scene that makes me laugh because the movie itself is a laugh-fest. It's a pretty good comedy, hitting the notes just right. Watching the movie itself already makes me smile because I know I wouldn't be disappointed.

Little Miss Sunshine
Olive's pageant number

The movie's about being in a dysfunctional family, but even with their own insecurities and problems, they all just jumped out of their selfish boxes and supported Olive. They didn't let the environment crush Olive: instead they stood with her in support, allowing her to go on about her passion. Everyone is a child once, and children deserve the support and love of their family.


12 Angry Men
Every time the men would take down an evidence against the suspect

They don't make movies like this anymore. Despite being set in one room, and just talking about a verdict, the entire film was amazing. After seeing them debunk one evidence after another, it goes to show that there is still justice in this world; it takes one person to make a difference. I was instantly glued to my screen. 

The plane chase

The plane was in the tarmac already set to take off, with the Americans that were rescued. Technically you already know they'll make it, but when the whole scene was playing, I just wanted it to go faster so they could go escape already.

Bourne Supremacy
The chase scenes

Sort of cheating here, as I placed two chase scenes under 'thrills'. But come on, aren't chase scenes thrilling? Part of what's entertaining about the Bourne franchise (not including the 4th) are the chase sequences, this between Matt Damon and Karl Urban one of them. Some chase scenes overstay their welcome, but not in Bourne's. The Bourne trilogy is one of the finest action movies made in the recent years, not to mention they belong in a rare breed where you have to see it in order so you can follow the premise.


  1. Awesome list! I LOVED that scene in WALL-E. That's the first time I've ever looked at an animated film and had been floored with how far animators have come. It's just so beautiful.

    1. Wall-E was rather simple yet beautiful. One of Pixar's finest works to date.

  2. Oh that Argo scene was fantastic. The huge emotional pay off to it was wonderful.

    1. I was at the edge of my seat during the seat (and silently cheering for them to leave the country already).