The Lego Movie

Legos are very creative. When I pass by a collectors store, there will always be boxes and boxes of different lego products, ranging from Star Wars spaceships to various buildings. The displays are also there to awe - I could not build an intricate piece similar to the boxes to save my life. The Lego Movie is similar in a way that it ceases to amaze. From the animation down to the fitting theme, it becomes a fun experience that brings creativity and nostalgia on the table. 

Lord Business wanted to become the most powerful man in the Lego universe, hence stealing the most powerful weapon to use in his advantage. However, a prophecy was proclaimed that a yellow faced hero will rise and the piece of resistance will be found by the chosen one - the greatest Master Builder there is. Our hero is Emmett, an ordinary construction worker who lived by the rules - until he was mistaken to be the most extraordinary person, and the greatest Master Builder. Now it's up to him and his group of Master Builders to stop Lord Business from destroying the universe. 

First of all, I commend the movie for its animation. Everything was in lego form - from the clouds, droplets of water, even the waves of the sea. For a moment there, I wanted to live in their universe. It was very detailed, and it really promoted the product. The movie didn't skimp on the characters, as there were tons of personalities in lego form - from superheroes, to book characters, to basketball players, down to monuments and political idols. The different Lego worlds themselves were a marvel to look at. They were all detailed and well-thought off. While the film doesn't linger on some of the lego worlds for a long time, it's still enough to allow a bit of appreciation. There were great characters, both original and famous characters. The characters had their own quirks and they really worked well. It was well-written, allowing a bit of somewhat intelligent (beyond GP kind) sense of humor to seep through. 

The theme was rather fitting with the movie, as it was about encouraging imagination, to go beyond the limits or instructions of society. We should all be able to make things that will benefit the society, and not live our lives under certain norms. In a literal sense, when the arrays of Legos intimidate the least abled builders to construct those pieces, it shouldn't hinder to letting people create something else from the basic structure. 

The twist at the final part was certainly a surprise, as I didn't expect for the movie to go take that direction. However, it does make sense that it did lead to that, as it strengthens the impact of the theme and the life lessons that go with it. However, I thought that it wasn't done up to par with the rest of the film, which made the final product suffer in visual creativity. While it was a surprise, I supposed that they could have done better. 

It's a really fun watch - it entertains and it doesn't fail to make you laugh. The animation itself was astounding, and the theme song has its way of getting stuck in your head. Whenever I mentioned watching The Lego Movie to other people, they seem iffy about it simply because it's about legos - and they might not enjoy the movie. That might be a factor at play if this isn't much of a success - however, I encourage you to put all that expectations away (or start with a little of it). The trailer isn't really what it seemed - and that it's been a real treat.

Final Word: Everything was indeed awesome in this animated flick.

Cast: Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Berry
Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Year: 2014


  1. Lots of praise for this one. I'm a picky guy when it comes to animation but this one sounds like a blast. Can't wait to load up the wife and kids and check it out this weekend.

    1. It's not what the trailer makes it out to be. It's such a fun movie, and the animation was amazing.