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Trailer: Hector and the Search for Happiness

I've read the novel a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it - I didn't know that there was a movie based on it. With Simon Pegg in the lead, it sure will be a comedic experience. He has two great supporting women, and I would like to see how Pegg would take the character. Based on the trailer, Pegg's persona of the character differs from the novel. It's pegged to be similar with Walter Mitty, but as I have yet to see the former, I don't want to form an opinion on it based on merit alone. Still, I hope this doesn't disappoint - although I don't think I'll be expecting much to begin with.


  1. I'm all in for this! I loved the book...found it deeply inspired but always felt it would play better on the big screen than the printed page. It's sort of a shame that this comes out a year after 'Walter Mitty', since the comparisons are obvious, but this story has a shape all its own. It does seem like they went the Mitty route with this, obviously trying to capitalize on the success of that film, but I'm hopeful that this will be closer to the book than the trailer suggests.

    1. I hope it stays true to the book. I loved the book, and I love the actors involved so I really want this to work.


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