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3/14: Jets, Explosions and Every Flying Scene in Between

So...the blog's been a bit quiet. The final awards night started this month - and was the only awards show I watched. The show went a bit predictable, with people and works securing their wins way before the coveted night. Gravity might not have won best picture, but they scored the most awards, including Best Director. I was very happy for Spike Jonze's screenplay win, and Lupita Nyong'o winning over Lawrence. Despite the slow blog activity, my movie viewing's up by numbers, instead of my usual TV focus (hence the backlog of shows I get into). I managed to catch a couple of new releases this month, including the much awaited Captain America! With the end of the month comes another new and busy here's this month's recap.

American Hustle | Bad Teacher | Beautiful Girls | Blue is the Warmest Color | Carrie | Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Delivery Man | Dirty Girl | Divergent | Father of the Bride | G.B.F. | If I Were You | Mr. Peabody & Sherman | Muppets Most Wanted | Nebraska | Not Another Happy Ending | Paradise |  Role Models | Romancing the Stone | The Cutting Edge | The Golden Compass | The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | Veronica Mars | We Have a Pope | Youth in Revolt

American Hustle - I do not understand why this was winning awards. I rarely use this word when I describe films, but I found this one boring.
Bad Teacher - This might have been Cameron Diaz's greatest role to date. It should have been The Counselor's Malkina, but she screwed it up.
Beautiful Girls - It could have been great, if it wasn't all over the place. The characters were good, though.
Blue is the Warmest Color - The latter half was captivating. Seriously, the break up scene, the cafe scene and the gallery scene - it was hard not to get caught up in the moment. It's a great, fantastic film.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - I went to this movie blind, and avoided all blog reviews (until I post mine) so I have no idea what it's about, except for the whole superhero action thing. It's a definite hit; it was better than the first movie, but the Captain America movies are still not my piece of cake in the Marvel universe.
Delivery Man - Uhm...
Dirty Girl - Juno Temple doesn't disappoint, although the story sort of shifts to tackle the issues of her friend.
Father of the Bride - Expenses are insane when it comes to planning a wedding.
G.B.F. - The point that Tanner was trying to make might not be that obvious from the very start, but it was an enjoyable flick.
If I Were You - I don't buy the fact that a wife and a mistress could be friends. This was watchable because of Marcia Gay Harden
Nebraska - Another fantastic film. It's sort of nostalgic because Bruce Dern reminds me of my grandfather.
Not Another Happy Ending - I think I should have started watching Karen Gillan act at Doctor Who.
Paradise - What did I just watch?
Role Models - I think this might be the only comedy where Seann William Scott is not so much like his American Pie alter ego (that I've seen so far).
Romancing the Stone - It was cute, in a whole romance meets adventure kind of thing. Kathleen Turner was great.
The Cutting Edge - It spanned other sequels (which I don't plan on seeing), but this one was pretty clear cut that it's more of them ending up together, than seeing through their dream until the end.
The Golden Compass - I kind of hoped that they showed the real ending of the novel (instead of the end cut they used) because the case of meriting a sequel might be stronger. It's visually appealing.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - I am quite envious of Walter Mitty, primarily because I cannot just pack up my stuff and explore the world, like he did. I wished this was released earlier, so it could have garnered the attention it deserved.
Veronica Mars - It had a good start, but I didn't like how it was going towards end - on Veronica's personal end, that is. It's great that the couple gets back together but everything gets sort of blotchy (for a lack of a better word) when it comes to piecing her life together. 
We Have a Pope - It's funny when it's supposed to be funny. Although, there were some points that were supposed to make some impact, but it doesn't.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel is out this month! While I have yet to see it, here's something about Wes Anderson from Empire Magazine.

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  1. I love Juno Temple. Dirty Girl was a cute little film. Blue in the Warmest Color's cafe the fuck do you get away with that in real life? Honestly, I can see how people thought it was a dream sequence at first. Captivating stuff, but wowl

    1. Juno Temple has had so many roles, yet she hasn't been breaking out - she's due for a really stand out film soon. The cafe scene was heartbreaking and painful - I can't imagine someone going through that in real life.

  2. Thanks so much for the link! i also liked Winter Soldier more than predecessor but Captain America movies are also not my cup of tea. I liked Thor movies more.

  3. I like the Thor movies more than the Captain America ones too. They're fun, plus it's Thor and Loki!


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