Trailer: The Best of Me

Is it fair to be torn over a movie that you know is going to be cheesy and dramatic and whatnot, and yet would probably see it because it has James Marsden? Nicholas Sparks' novels have been churning romance movies over the years, and I'm guessing the guy has a pretty big audience because he usually has one book-to-movie a year. I've only seen two of those movies (one of them is for ugly crying, the other one I don't understand the love for) and I'm not going to line up for this one either, but from all the recent movies, I might give this a go (when it hits DVD). I like both actors, and arguably, both actors deserve better careers, but I just don't see myself lining up for this one. I guess my apathetic side to Sparks movie win the debate.

Blindspot: Rear Window

It’s hard not to be familiar with Alfred Hitchcock, even if you haven’t seen his work. He’s a well-known director, and has worked with various actors and actresses in the industry. The man’s work has been referenced in time and time again in other works, whether in cinema or in television shows. It’s hard not to be familiar with such works as Psycho or Vertigo. Rear Window is one of his famous films, referenced in different pop culture mediums. I went to the movie knowing its premise, but I never did find out the ending, hence the suspense wasn’t really spoiled for me. Was this the best movie as an introduction to Hitchcock’s work? Maybe. I’m not familiar with his overall style as this is the first of his work I’ve seen, but it did live up to a suspenseful take.

Trailer: This is Where I Leave You

I read the book years ago - and have been reading anything written by Jonathan Tropper*. The man knows how to write. So I was very excited when one of my favorite novels is being adapted on screen. So far, it looks good. Not really great, but good and decent. I'm still pretty excited because I think the cast is great - I mean, you have Jane Fonda, Tina Fey, Rose Byrne, and Jason Bateman, among others. The author also wrote the screenplay, so here's to hoping that he did a fantastic job translating his book to film. 

*Fun Fact: A sure sign that I am clearly enamored by one novel is that I start to hunt the author's books in shelves, wanting their books in my collection. I have that much faith in an author if I picked a random novel and liked it.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in our Stars has easily launched itself to my favorites after I read it once, and reading it all over again just basically relives the heartache. So it comes to no surprise that I would 1. Go running to see the film adaptation and 2. Like said film adaptation. Which is why it’s a bit difficult to write the review because my biased self would go all kinds of crazy - which is why I think a non-book reader’s review is the best way to go to get an unbiased opinion on the film. Nevertheless, please continue on reading, as I think I have a couple of non-biased points about the film (and would not go flailing about how amazing the film is - but it really is - and credit has to go to John Green for overseeing the production, and writing the novel to begin with).


When Disney announced that they were adapting Sleeping Beauty and putting on a twist - that it was going to be from Maleficent's side, I was very excited. Maleficent is such a great character: charismatically evil who never lets emotions get the better of her. When they released photos of Angelina Jolie in costume, I thought, she looked amazing. The trailer further on pique my interest, shooting this movie to a must-see when it gets released. Alas, I was not impressed. Once the novelty wore off, the film turned itself to a lackluster event, and while it had a good message, I felt that it could have gone in a different direction without tainting its original intent.

Trailer: Mood Indigo

Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite movies, and based on the trailer, Mood Indigo is going for the familiar story, albeit ending rather differently. I loved Audrey Tautou in Amelie, and this seems remnant of her character. I haven't seen Romain Duris' work, but he seems to have the charisma to carry the character, not to mention chemistry with Tautou. I think this will look adorable; definitely will watch this one. 


The title sounds chant-worthy, doesn’t it? Non-Stop might be another thriller set on a plane (and there are plenty of them), but like some of the plane thrillers I’ve seen, this one got its elements on track. There’s no deep, complicated, backstory on the main character, and it’s all mystery after the next. It’s not taxing, or tedious - it’s not horrible. It was quite enjoyable, watching everything unfold in place.

Trailer: Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen's films are either a hit or a miss, and based on the trailer alone, I don't think I can make up my mind until I've seen the whole film. While it boasts a lovable cast, the story itself seems to be predictable, and might not have the charm that it was going for. Nevertheless, it's an Allen film, and people are definitely going to flock to it, whether for the director's film reputation, or the cast and genre itself. 

05/14: (Booking) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

May flew by pretty fast. The month started off with celebrating the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls and Friends (still one of the greatest shows on television). I was on a bit of a movie rut this month, so I decided to devote some time into reading. I started off with The Descendants, which was accurately portrayed on-screen. It wasn't hard to imagine the actors playing the characters in the novel. I've also read Tarantula, which was the basis for Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In. I still haven't seen the film, but I did enjoy the book; hopefully the film will deliver such promise. May also marked the announcement of show cancellations, and sad to say that a lot of the comedy shows I watched got axed. It also doesn't help that Parks & Rec got moved mid-season (ending their 7 year run with only 13 episodes). There's a lot of interesting shows that got ordered though, with the buzz currently surrounding Gotham and Agent Carter. Listing down the new movies I've seen this month, I noticed that I didn't see much compared to the previous monthly recaps - primarily because I've been on a re-watch binge. So without further ado, this month's recap!