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1.04 - "Let's Get to Scooping"

While I've been devouring paragraphs of events for the past three recaps, I decided to go with a different route with this one. The episode had a darker turn this week, but has made headlines, primarily because of Viola Davis’ scene, in which she removes her wig and make up. This week’s episode has been intriguing, and the main murder mystery is getting quite exciting. They’ve still yet to reveal if Annalise Keating has any connection with the murder during the flash forward. Editing and writing has been par with the previous episode. Viola Davis nonetheless stood out this episode, especially with the last scene.

So here’s what’s happening so far:

This week’s case

- A long time client of Annalise has been accused of insider trading, with probable proof, as the client has engaged in sexual activities with a prominent officer of a company
- The case offered potential suspects within the company itself. Marren Trudeau, the client was quite offended that Annalise was looking through the company, instead of her outside enemies.
- Connor has decided to pursue a lead in the form of Marren’s assistant. After their copy room action, Connor had placed a listening device, therefore inditing him.
- When she confronts her assistant, he states his reasons, leading to an outburst from her. After their confrontation, he suddenly commits suicide by jumping out of the building window. Connor looks on, feeling a bit of guilt about what happened. 
- They eventually find the perpetrators. However, things end badly for Connor when Oliver, his partner, realized how Connor got the information to indite the assistant, causing a rift in their relationship. 

The Lila Stangard Case

- When Bonnie and Annalise talked to Rebecca about her confession, she had mentioned that Wes has warned her about Griffin O'Reilly pinning the whole incident on her. This caused Annalise to remove Wes from the case.
- The team also had trouble obtaining Rebecca’s confession tape, at the refusal of the legal team. However, when Bonnie noticed Detective Nate Lahey investigating Sam Keating’s car, she had come to a conclusion that the murder case isn’t as shut as it seems. This lead to the release of the unedited version of the tape, which showed an action that incrimates the confession, that Rebecca might have been coorced to agreeing to the statements. 
- Because of this, Wes has now gained Rebecca’s trust, and gave him the code of Lila’s phone.
- Wes surrendered the evidence to Annalise. She now puts him back on the case, since the evidence is something that should just be kept within themselves.
- After Annalise’s headlining scene, she confronts her husband about his junk being on Lila’s phone


- The only main development on this front is that Asher knows they were in the house, but for what reason he doesn’t know. Also, Asher is now the new owner of the statue, and they had apparently stole it from him. 

This week’s episode was simplified, for a lack of a better term. The show is starting to gain focus on the Lila Stangard case, and more events are being revealed in the night of Sam’s murder. In terms of character development, only Annalise still has that air of mystery in her, and yet her character is the most expressive. The show tries to shed some light to the other characters, but so far only Wes, Connor and Rebecca will get part of their stories told. I actually still like Laurel’s character, even if she still has the least to say among her fellow colleagues. I’m also interested in the Bonnie-Sam development, I think there’s something there that can be exploited for the plot. The season is only four episodes in, but it's slowly starting to lose its momentum. Hopefully it starts to pick up soon, or that the murder case doesn't get much predictable.