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Thursday Movie Picks: Vampire Movies

It's another Thursday, which means another entry to Wandering Through the Shelves' Thursday Movie Picks meme! This week's theme: vampires. As I don't want a lot of horror movies, that goes the same for vampire-themed ones. I do have a lot of vampire-related content on my watch list though, which is odd. Usually my lists consists of movies I like, or hidden gems, but for this week, I have one movie that I like, and two that I hate.

Sometimes I don't read synopses of movies. I thought I was just watching a robbery gone wrong movie, until they stopped over at a bar and suddenly everything became insane. The movie did not have any inkling of supernatural events happening, and then all of the sudden vampires jump from out of nowhere. Half the time, my face was twitched in a 'what-am-I-watching' kind of way. I did not expect all of that to happen. Nonetheless, it was still a pretty good movie. What made me appreciate it more is that it took me off-guard, and the results weren't quite what I expected. 

For a movie whose main character was the vampire, he was the most annoying character there. The werewolf family was fine, so was the mummy and Frankenstein. I did feel bad about the invisible friend though, seemed to be destined to be alone forever. But the vampire? I did not appreciate it at all. The movie tried to be funny, but it wasn't. Plus, his daughter seemed to be not aware of human-monster history, for someone who has been living for 118 years. The animation was fine, but the whole production itself: two thumbs down.

If I'd choose between the five (I had to double check if there were four or five) movies, the second movie would have to be the worst. It was so horrible. I actually expected the succeeding movies to take the route similar to the first movie. I don't think Twilight was meant to be a comedy, but it was so funny (the bad writing + the bad effects + bad acting) that I found it the only good entry to the series. The succeeding films tried to be serious but turned out to be terrible. At the least the two main characters got something out from this franchise.  


  1. I figured I'd see From Dust Till Dawn show up here at some point. I considered putting Twilight on mine but I figured that was too obvious a choice.

  2. From Dusk til Dawn is just a fun, if goofy, movie. I actually enjoyed Hotel Transylvania. It wasn't the greatest movie ever, or anything, but I thought it was okay. As for Twilight, you nailed it. Good work.

  3. I had the same reaction to From Dusk Till Dawn. I was like "wtf.." I did not see that coming, and no one told me about the movie before hand.

  4. I don't think I knew what I was getting into when I saw From Dusk till Dawn movie too...but of course I was probably to young to have even seen it in the first place. I'm currently watching the TV series and I am loving it.
    Wandering through the Shelves


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