Blind Spot: Good Will Hunting

Like most of my blind spot choices, I didn't have an inkling on what Good Will Hunting was about. All I knew were of its Oscar accolades; I even saw a short feature about this during the time of Robin Williams' passing. In a gist, this is about a young man whose genius mind was discovered, completely altering his perceptions, and the repercussions and pressures that come with it.

Will Hunting moonlights as a janitor in MIT, solving theorems left on boards when no one was watching. Because of this, it prompted Gerald Lambeau to seek him out. Due to his delinquent ways, he ends up being released to him, with one of the conditions that he talks to a therapist. A therapist is found in Sean Maguire, an old friend of Lambeau's who was still reeling from his wife's passing. He also finds himself dealing with Skylar, a student at Harvard. While everything seems so easy at first, the pressures of his life and talents catch up to him.

I was actually surprised that Matt Damon was playing a 20-year old; I had a hard time believing him at the age. He was good, but with the story, they could have gotten someone younger. I did like his chemistry with Robin Williams; both actors complimented each other well, performance and character-wise. This was also written well; the story doesn't get muddled even with the many factors involved with the characters. I was expected it to be a bit more dramatic, but am glad that it did not go to that route.  

Final Word: I rarely write short reviews, but this is a stellar film. Great performances and writing involved, with the direction blending them seamlessly.

Cast: Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck
Director: Gus Van Sant
Year: 1997


  1. Fun fact: For a brief moment I considered this my favorite movie (it would get knocked out a mere six months later by - curiously - a different Matt Damon movie).

    The thing that has left me puzzled over the last year or so is why Matt & Ben never wrote anything else together. Perhaps they only had one story in them?

    1. It's possible. Both have been focused on their careers outside of writing, but I think they could have collaborated again if they wanted to. Maybe it wasn't a career path they were both keen on taking?

  2. I don't know. I find this movie incredibly powerful, highly dramatic, especially towards the end. Then, the end itself is so uplifting and as perfectly happy as can be. It's a well-written movie too. The Boston in this movie is wonderful. "How do ya like them apples?" lol.

    1. It is a well-written movie, and I did like Robin Williams and Matt Damon's performances.