Pilots: UnReal, Odd Mom Out, Stitchers

For someone who hasn't been watching movies lately, I've been diving into more television shows, both new ones and old. Besides binge watching old favorites, I started with some of the shows I've been putting off, so even movie reviews would be on a short end this month. Summer tv season also started, and with that, new shows to look out for! Here are a few pilot episodes I have checked out:

UnReal divulges into the world of Rachel Goldberg, a freelancer who works in a ‘The Bachelor’-type show. The show touches on the politics and backhanded ways on dealing with the contestants in order to get ratings. I’d like to see where this show is going. There is an abundance of reality shows and I’d like to see how a show would play out the antics of a production team in order to rake in viewers. The pilot episode gave a gist of who Rachel is - how she works, how she deals with her work, and the breakdown that had her ostracized by the rest of the crew. Hopefully the rest of the show delivers as the pilot did. Shiri Appleby looked perfect for the role, I like how she portrays her character. It’s been forever since she was a lead character, hopefully this would work out for her. 

Verdict: Watching it. 

Odd Mom Out doesn’t follow a linear story line, but rather it’s about a mom not exactly fitting in with her fellow Upper East Side moms. While it makes for light viewing, Jill Kargman is trying too hard to be funny that. The show is actually based on her life experience but she has to act more natural. Her character’s ‘quirks’ feel too forced that it’s hard to sympathize or root for her. There’s no attachment to the characters and it doesn’t seem like it’s going somewhere. 

Verdict: Out for now.

Stitchers is about a secret branch of the government who enter the minds of corpses (the episode explains the science of it all) in order to solve crimes. The central character, Kirsten, suffers from a condition, making her the viable candidate for the project, after the branch’s original 'stitcher' decided to quit. While it seems like another crime show, I like the concept behind it, but I’m not impressed with Emma Ishta’s acting. There’s a bigger crime story behind the program and I’d like to see where that’s headed.

Verdict: Not entirely sure, but it's not a priority.

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