01/16: Monthly Recap

January was quite a month. For all the things that happened (entertainment industry-wise), what saddened me was the loss of Alan Rickman. He is such a great actor not only on the Harry Potter movies but on his other endeavors as well. My favorite character of his (besides Snape) was Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest – never have I seen Rickman handle a comedic role that well.

There were a bit of minimal changes on the blog – this section included. I am also going to try to stick to a blogging schedule, as I won’t be online as much. I’m also doing a reading challenge this year – I went with Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, with my progress and mini-reviews linked in the projects header of the blog. I’ve also foregone my top 10 films and performances for the year as I haven’t had the time to work on the respective posts. 

With that said, here’s what I’ve watched this month:

Movies Watched & Reviewed This Month

Other First-Time Screenings

45 Years - It makes you think about what you would do if you were in that situation.

It Boy – It offers nothing new on the romantic comedy genre (older woman-younger man trope), but the likable leads make this charming to watch. Some of the supporting characters are memorable, but it lack depth and its content is thinly spread out.

Night Owls - A decent romantic comedy built entirely on conversations on a duration of a one night stand turned to a crisis containment.

Sisters - This was an all right Tina Fey/Amy Poelher flick. It's not one of their best, but it's a good popcorn flick. 

Ruby Red – I watched this because of the reading challenge I was doing. I was not impressed, and I probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t dubbed as I spent half the time wondering if they were speaking German-English or my eyes were starting to deceive me. 

Testament of Youth – I was imagining this to be a melodramatic love story but clearly I was wrong. This is a well-made film about the World War, as Vera Brittain’s plight comes to life through the performance of Alicia Vikander. She is supported by Kit Harrington, who also gives a good performance, as well as Taron Egerton and Colin Morgan.

I haven't been watching a lot of movies this month; I've been immersed with reading and will continue to do so until I hit a reading slump. 


  1. Yeah I'm still saddened by Mr Rickman's passing. I LOVE him in Galaxy Quest too, but my fave is hands down Col Brandon in Sense & Sensibility.

    I saw 45 Years also and I felt the same way in wondering how I'd feel and do in that situation.

    Night Owls was screened at a local film fest and I got to chat to the director, I thought that was a pretty good movie set in a single day.

    I REALLY want to see Testament of Youth! LOVE Vikander.

    1. Vikander has been giving in great work and with her career skyrocketing in Hollywood, I'm interested to find out where it takes her, and if she will continue having good projects.