Thursday Movie Picks: Love Triangles

This is the last of the Valentine-themed Thursday Movie Picks for the year. This weekly event is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves; pop over to her site and join in! This week’s theme is about love triangles. There are tons of these, as these are quite a popular trope. Here are my choices for the week

Eilis and Tony/ Eilis and Jim
I had my problems with this film, but after reading the book I was quite enlightened with it. This is technically a love triangle where only Eilis knows of the existence of the two men, and with choosing one of them comes a decision of choosing her future as each of the men represent something important in Eilis’ life. 

Bianca and Cameron/ Bianca and Joey
10 Things I Hate About You
Although this love triangle was short lived, it was because the two men wanted to take Bianca out that the events of the movie started to unfold. Without them, Patrick wouldn’t really have gotten to know Kat, and we wouldn’t see Heath Ledger do that quick song number.

Rachel Dawes and Bruce Wayne / Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent
The Dark Knight
Of all the categories I would be mentioning Dark Knight, I didn’t think to mention it for this category. In this film, Rachel had been dating Dent, and while Bruce Wayne wanted her back, they can only be together when Wayne decides to stop being Batman. I think the letter Rachel left for Wayne is a pivotal factor in the development of his character, and the decision Alfred made to conceal it by not giving it to him.


  1. Any inclusion of The Dark Knight is fine by me. Great call on that one. Haven't seen the other two, yet.

  2. Great picks! I'm going to see Brooklyn soon and can't wait. 10 Things and The Dark Knight are classic love triangles.

  3. Great choices all around! Love that Brooklyn love this morning!

  4. Excellent picks! I love all three of these movies.

  5. Love that you included The Dark Knight. I haven't seen Brooklyn yet but 10 Things I Hate About You is a classic.

  6. I never really think of 10 Things as a triangle but there is that component there, good catch. I didn't love The Dark Knight but it fits in well. Haven't seen Brooklyn yet but am looking forward to it very much.

  7. I have not seen Brooklyn yet but I have seen the other two. The Dark Knight is an inspired choice!

  8. My my Brooklyn is popular. Ah yes The Dark Knight - a triangle my Dad couldn't understand yet provided hours of entertainment as my friends and I yelled 'RAAACHELLL!'at each other.

    1. I was rooting for Batman and Rachel - I will always be rooting for Batman.