02/16: Monthly Recap

The movie-watching slump continues! The only positives that I’ve gotten out of this is that my reading speed is still steady, and that I finally caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I have binge-watched the first two seasons, and I really enjoy the show. It took me long enough to get hooked, so now I’m catching up with the third season. I also started watching The Office, and so far I’m only in the second season – lots more watching to do. With that, here are the movies I’ve seen this month:

Movies Watched & Reviewed This Month:
Other first time screenings:

Big Game - If you don't expect anything from this, it can be an enjoyable flick.

Clear and Present Danger - It was a well-executed political drama, although I prefer Ford's previous Jack Ryan outing.

Clover - It was romantic in some sense, but I wasn't sold on the relationship between the two characters.

Phone Booth - This was quite a forgettable movie. I feel bad for Forest Whittaker. I feel like he was trying to make his role a lot more meatier, but he was really given nothing to work with.

Regarding Henry - I thought this was going to be weepy (I didn't find it so), but I liked Harrison Ford and Annette Bening here. I thought that the realizations of the past life of the character would be grappling, but I think it focused more on him being a new person and realizing the more important things in life.

Something’s Gotta Give – I was reminded about a review I read about ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’, particularly a point where the purpose of Rachel (the Dying Girl) is to push Greg to grow up, and nothing more. I kind of felt that with Diane Keaton’s character. She was a strong, well-together woman who just falls in love and sobs hysterically that the original character just disappears or was done with. I did not like this at all.

The Secret of Kells - The animation was wonderful, but I didn't dig the religious undertones it had.

Vacation - I was in the mood for a fun, stupid kind of movie. This was not at all fun.

Witness – I don’t know much about Amish culture, but the movie provides a glimpse of it without it deterring the narrative of the movie.


  1. Looks like you had a brief Harrison Ford movie marathon this month. Witness is definitely the best movie focused on the Amish culture, not that there's many others. I wasn't impressed with Phone Booth or that Vacation remake either, sure there were some funny jokes in the latter but much of it was a complete rip off of the original which I found ridiculous to say the least.

    1. Witness is the only movie I know that centers on Amish culture and I like how the movie chose to portray a culture that isn't widely seen onscreen and does not make a mockery of it. I have yet to watch the original Vacation movies though, hopefully I'd like those.