04/16: Monthly Recap

Things basically went south on the blogging front. I haven't had the time to watch any new movies, hence another small movie count. I have caught up with Blindspot and the second season of You're the Worst, as well as binge-watched season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt. It's not as good as the first season, but I cannot wait for the third one. I think the first few days of May will still be a bit busy on my end, but I am looking forward for some actual downtime to watch (and hopefully review) movies.

Movies Watched and Reviewed This Month

Other First Time Screenings

Deadpool - Is it safe to say the hype killed this for me? It was pretty fun but I can't stand Ryan Reynolds. He seems perfect for the role though.

Ghost in the Shell - Due to the ScarJo casting controversy, I went to watch the source film of the live adaptation. I think I would have liked this more if I read the manga. It does remind me a bit of Blade Runner, particularly how similar the worlds are.

Hail, Caesar! - The plot was a bit uneven (needs development) but this was a fun film.

Linda Linda Linda - The events of this movie all happen within a few days (a school festival) so the character development and friendship between the girls happen immediately. It's a bit slow, but does have a good ending.

Moon - This movie was also a bit slow at the beginning but it was quite good. I loved the set!

Mr Right - Moon is a fantastic Sam Rockwell film. This was not. 


  1. Moon! I love that movie so much. I can understand Deadpool killing hype. There was SO much of it surrounding that. I liked it, but the 4th wall breaks were a bit much eventually.

    1. The 4th wall was getting repetitive. I'm looking forward to where Deadpool goes from here.

  2. Boy this reminds me, I need to see Moon!! I'll avoid Mr Right though, even the trailer looks pretty bad.

    1. I thought it would at least be self-aware, but Mr Right was just awful.