03/16: Monthly Recap

March certainly flew by. I was hoping to watch a lot more movies this month before things got busy, but to no avail. On the plus side, I think I'm almost out of the slump. So here are the movies I've seen this month.

Movies Watched and Reviewed this Month

Other First Time Screenings

Daddy's Home - I liked The Other Guys so I was so pumped for another Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg team up but this was not funny. I hated both characters - there was nothing redeeming about them, and the movie as a whole was pretty bad. 

Kung Fu Panda 3 - This was cute, but its plot was very reminiscent of the second movie. 

Patrick Age 1.5 - I didn't know what to expect from this, but it's a feel-good movie. 

The Big Short - Movies that have something to do with economics barely interest me, but this kept my attention and I liked how they tackled the issue with technicality but provides explanation to terms that an average movie-goer might not understand.

The Lives of Others - I knew what to expect from this, but I still loved how well executed this film was.


  1. I thought Daddy's Home wasn't particularly great but I enjoyed it as more of a guilty pleasure than anything else. While The Big Short was, I thought a really engrossing and sharp piece of work. So really enjoyed that

    1. I like how The Big Short was handled. I was starting to get confused, but still got to follow the plot.

  2. I just watched Daddy's Home too. I agree, nowhere near as great as The Other Guys, but the ending scene at the dance was so funny it almost made up for it.