Thursday Movie Picks: Alien Movies

Thursday Movie Picks is a weekly event hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. To see the future themes for participation, as well as posts from other bloggers, head over to her site! This week’s theme involves aliens, specifically alien movies. Here are my picks this week.

District 9
Neill Blomkamp’s success comes through this small sci-fi film that has aliens residing in Johannesburg, and the people are not happy about it. This film runs two story arcs that eventually coincide with each other, and I never knew I could feel so strongly for an alien movie. This was a fantastic film, a memorable one in terms of alien movies. 

Galaxy Quest
One of my favorite alien movies, Galaxy Quest is a parody of Star Trek, and a well made parody this is. It has the cast of a hit sci-fi show beamed up in a ship that looks like their set – turns out, these aliens thought they were the real deal and expected them to defend the race and defeat a monster who has been out to eliminate them. It might have been years since its release, but I think it holds out against the test of time. 

Independence Day
Speaking of memorable alien movies – this one is a fun flick filled with explosions, coupled with some drama, comedy and a bit of cheesiness. I’ve enjoyed this since I was a kid, and while I haven’t watched the movie for the longest time, I think I will still enjoy the hell out of it. However, I’m not really sure if I’m going to go and watch the sequel, in the cinema at least. The sequel seems kind of ‘meh’ for me.


  1. Crap, why didn't I think of District 9? That movie was surprisingly great. Galaxy Quest is getting a lot of well deserved love today too.

  2. Great choices!

    I love Galaxy Quest, it retains just enough of a serious edge so that the comedy never goes overboard and the cast is flawless.

    Independence Day is one of those movies I can't pass by without stopping to watch until the end. I saw it originally in an old single screen theatre that had a vast screen and I think that added to my connection to it. A wonderful fun ride that has enormous plot holes but who cares.

    This is the second mention I've seen of District 9 today. I've meant to watch but haven't gotten to it, I'll have to bump it up in my queue.

    Before Alien made the genre more serious alien movies were always on the cheesy side so that's where I headed with my picks for this week.

    I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958)-After his buddies give him a bachelor party handsome young hunk Bill (Tom Tryon) heads home but stops when he thinks he’s hit something in the road and is suddenly engulfed by a heavy gray fog. Next day prospective bride Marge (Gloria Talbott) frets when Bill is late to the wedding until he shows up and faster than you can say Jack Robinson she’s “MARRIED TO A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE!!!!” Pulpy 50’s sci-fi follows their story as it slowly dawns on Marge that there is an alien race who are seeking a way toward reclamation of their species. Leading man Tryon eventually abandoned acting for a very successful writing career (The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, The Other etc.)

    I Come in Peace (1990)-A gang of drug traffickers known as the "White Boys” cause havoc when they make off with a cache of heroin from a federal building followed by a strange spate of deaths where the victims bear a puncture mark on their foreheads. Hard-nosed cop Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) and FBI agent Arwood Smith (Brian Benben) follow bizarre clues looking for an answer. B movie actioner whose tagline “Good cop. Bad alien. Big trouble.” pretty much says it all.

    They Live (1988)-Drifter John Nada (Rowdy Roddy Piper) finds a pair of sunglasses that when worn shows the world as it truly is. How it truly is happens to be a place where the billboards and all media carry subliminal messages such as “No Imagination” and “Stay Asleep” and the people in authority are actually aliens hidden behind a mask of normalcy who are keeping the masses subdued. Directed with a sardonic tone by John Carpenter.

    Honorable Mention-Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956)-Playing into both the public’s fascination and fear of space exploration and outer space in the 50’s this low budget sci-fier is both earnest and reactionary. Flying saucers, looking like exact replicas from My Favorite Martian, start blasting the hell out of a military base when their signal is misinterpreted. Once the mistake is revealed and against government orders a lone scientist tries to straighten out the muddle. Finding out the aliens intentions it’s then a race to find a defense before the human race is enslaved! Cheesy but if you like this kind of thing it could be fun.

  3. Great post...I totally love this theme! I did a double feature when I saw District 9...first I watched 500 Days of Summer then followed with District 9. Needless to say, I couldn't get into it. I think I should revisit it though, because I'm sure I would enjoy it more. Great post!

  4. Love your picks, especially District 9! Incredible movie. With most of my favorite alien movies it's actually technically a spoiler that they're alien movies. :P

  5. I'm so happy Galaxy Quest is popping up all over the place today. It's a fantastic, and very funny, film. District 9 is great. I'm not as high on Independence Day as everyone else, but it is a fun film. Great choices.

  6. I picked Independence Day as well! I'm actually looking forward to the sequel. As long as it turns out to be a fun ride, I think I'll enjoy it!

  7. I love Independence Day! God only knows how many times I've watched that film. I'm actually quite excited about the sequel but I'm worried it's going to be a disappointment.

  8. District 9 was a sensation when it was released, such a great film. I like how all of Blomkamp's films have an underlining comment on society now. Great picks!

  9. Cool picks! I love Galaxy Quest and Independence Day. The first one is such a great parody of sci-films without being condescending or obnoxious. Independence Day is so much fun. I was excited for the sequel, but the trailers keep giving more info about the plot and it seems out of control.

  10. Galaxy Quest is quite popular this week, I gonna have to check it out one of these days.