Thursday Movie Picks: Wedding Movies

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for Thursday Movie Picks! This is a weekly event hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. For themes and other entries, and if you want to participate, head over to her site! This week is about wedding movies. I love attending weddings, though participating in them (like part of the entourage or something) is something else. Here are my picks this week:

27 Dresses
I am going to go ahead and say it – I enjoy watching this movie. It’s one of my guilty pleasure rom-coms, and a movie where Katherine Heigl isn’t that annoying. For someone obsessed with weddings, Jane juggles a lot of them, but a wedding she plans definitely takes the cake when it’s the wedding of her sister to a guy she (Jane) likes.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
I think if you come from a big (and meddlesome) family, you will relate with this, even if you’re not Greek. Besides the charm that the movie has, I think I enjoyed this movie because I see parts of my culture in it. It’s like when you say ‘meet the extended family’ the number of people is insane. Everyone will definitely get in your business – I’ve been a witness to that.

The Proposal
Is The Proposal considered a wedding movie? If not, then let me tweak the rules a bit. I enjoyed Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ chemistry in this, and I hope they work together again. This is not my favorite Sandra Bullock romantic comedy (she has a lot of these!) but this was quite enjoyable. I found some parts cringe-worthy but a bit hilarious.


  1. I haven't seen the first two but I did see a good amount of The Proposal. I'm not a huge Bulluck fan, but her and Reynolds had great chemistry from what I saw.

  2. I've only seen The Proposal and, to be honest, I hated it. Never planned on bothering with the others.

  3. Haven't seen the other two but I really liked The Proposal! Sandra is always enjoyable to watch.