08/16: Monthly Recap

August went by a little slower than the previous months! This month’s wrap up also includes movies I’ve seen in July. Here’s what I’ve watched in July and August!

Movies Watched & Reviewed This Month

Other First Time Screenings

Me Before You – I have a review for this coming out soon. 

My Rainy Days – I’m guessing this kind of relationship is not so frowned upon because neither students (he doesn't teach in their school) nor adults are reacting. Other than, it’s a really good movie. I liked the chemistry between the characters. It’s a bit slow-paced though. 

The Treatment – Child abduction is more common than I thought. The method here is just really, really sick. 

We Were There: First Love – This was divided into two parts but I decided not to watch the second half because I felt content with the way things ended here. It’s melodramatic, but good time filler.

The Jungle Book – I’m usually wary when there are talking animals in a live action movie, but this was really done well. I actually don’t like the cartoon (I hated the characters), but I really enjoyed this one. 

Eddie the Eagle – Taron Egerton was awesome. This was funny, and it had a lot of heart. Plus it’s very unusual to see Hugh Jackman play roles like this. 

Mistress America – My dilemma with Greta Gerwig’s performances/characters is similar to my dilemma with Kristen Wiig’s dramatic movies (I watch it but end up not liking it, thus wondering why I even try in the first place). This is no different. I like the story but both the main characters act so similarly that it’s annoying. I think if you’ve seen one Gerwig performance, then you’ve seen it all. 

The Legend of Tarzan – This wasn’t as bad as I expected. I heard negative reviews about this but the anti-climactic ending aside, this was pretty decent. 

Central Intelligence – A wafer thin plot saved by the actors. I don’t think this would have worked with another pairing.

Mother’s Day – Ehh. 

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – There were a few laughs, but those were far in between. The plot was thin; somehow common sense or social decency could have solved all their problems. 

Man on Fire – I was reading a Playlist article and this was mentioned as one of the top action flicks so I decided to give it a go. I didn’t know this was based on an actual person. Densel Washington was good in this (does he even give a bad performance in anything?). The movie was a bit so-so for me, but there were parts that I didn’t expect would happen.

Mars Attacks – I wanted to like this, or at least laugh along with it. It was a feat that I sat through the whole ordeal. It did have a fantastic cast though; can this group of people band together for another movie?

Anthony Zimmer – I would have liked this more if I hadn’t seen The Tourist first. It’s a simple movie; the characters are likeable and it doesn’t result to any gimmick affairs to get the movie going.

Heroine Disqualified - It was all right, although it was kind of hard to like the main guy. Based on the story (it's a love triangle), I didn't mind it going either way.

Now You See Me 2 - It looked like everyone was just phoning it in. Even the usually dependable Mark Ruffalo doesn't seem to be having fun with the material. This also completely misused Lizzy Caplan.

The Fundamentals of Caring - This was a nice, small movie. Craig Roberts was awesome, how is he not getting more acting jobs?

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong - review to be published soon.

Before We Go - Kind of expected more from Chris Evan's first foray as a director. 


  1. You touched up on an issue I have with Greta Gerwig too. She plays the same character in every single movie. She's likable, I can't dislike her, but Frances Ha, Mistress America and Maggie's Plan are all interchangeable.

    It's been years since I've seen Man On Fire but I remember really like Washington and Fanning in it. I've got a few of these in my netflix queue, I'm looking forward to your reviews!

  2. I thought eddie the eagle was surprisingly sweet.