Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

A movie built on conversation isn't unusual anymore, nor does a city playing a role in the movie's atmosphere. This is the case for Emily Ting's Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, starring real life couple Bryan Greenberg and Jamie.Chung. The film spans out in 2 separate days, and follows two people around the city of Hong Kong.

Greenberg plays Josh, a banker with a passion for writing. Chung plays Ruby, a toy designer. They meet by coincidence in one of Hong Kong's bars, and their emotional connection begins. Through ttheir conversations they talk about their dreams and aspirations. The movie also tries to touch on social norms, primarily with the views associated with Asians and Westerners, in two separate occasions.

Based on the character descriptions alone, the tone and direction of the movie can already be inferred; in terms of plot, there's no surprises there. The characteristics of the main players are quite cliche. However, you will end up sticking through with the movie as it boasts the fantastic chemistry between Greenberg and Chung, not to mention the city the narrative is set in.

It was obvious that both actors can carry their roles well. There were certain scenes when I thought some lines were delivered too quickly, or their characters seem too familiar with each other (their connection seemingly like two old friends despite the actual situation). I also found the development a bit too unrealistic, but then again, some feelings are inevitable, especially when it feels like nothing's changed when they meet again.

Hong Kong also gets thrust to the spotlight as it plays the playground the characters converse in. From the tourist spots down to the quiet neighborhood lanes, Hong Kong certainly has character. The cinematography portrays the city as a rich West meets East culture clashing together. It doesn't skimp out on showing the hustle of the city and its various neighborhoods, whether it be in Jordan, or Lan Kwan Fong, or the ferry crossing between Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Don't expect much from the plot, but I suggest checking this out for the actors and Hong Kong.

Cast: Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg, Richard Ng
Director: Emily Ting
Year: 2015


  1. I threw this in my Netflix queue a while back. I'm not expecting great things, but I'm still pretty curious about it. Great review!

    1. Thanks! It doesn't offer anything much, but the chemistry between the two actors made it work.