Sunshine Blogger Award

Getter from Mettel Ray and Katie from She Likes Movies have kindly nominated me for the award. I don’t think I’ve done these in a long time, but now’s probably a good place to start. 


Post the award on your blog 
Thank the person who nominated you 
Answer the 11 questions they set you 
Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!) 
Set them 11 questions 

I’m going to skip the last two, as I think the people who I am going to nominate have already done this post (sorry!).

Getter’s Questions 

What was the last movie you saw and loved? 
Captain America: Civil War. The Captain America solo movies have always been good and this is no exception. 

Name an actor, an actress, and a director you would pair in a movie and what genre would it be? 
Mark Ruffalo, Emily Blunt, Wes Anderson, a period piece (something akin to the time setting of Pride and Prejudice) 

Last song you listened to 
I haven’t listened to anything lately! 

Book to movie adaptation you would like to see happening in the near future? 
Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel 

From all the Chris’, which one do you prefer: Evans, Pine, Hemsworth or Pratt? 
Chris Pratt. I love him as Andy Dwyer, and he and Anna Faris are so cute together. 

Name your 3 movie pet peeves 
Women compromising their identity because of a man 
Cliché results from plot points 
Lack of secondary character development 

If you had to choose, what season would you live in forever? 

Imagine your pet (or an imaginary pet) had an inner voice, which actor/actress’ voice would he/she have? 
I don’t have a pet, but my sister has a dog that kind of looks like a old man. I think he’ll have Robert De Niro’s voice. 

You had a really bad day, what book or movie will make you feel better? 
I don’t have a go to for either, but I’m always up for a good comedy. 

If they were handing out superpowers based on your personality, what superpower would you want and what would you probably end up with? 
I want to be able to see the future (as I end up overthinking about results), but I would probably get something like a power for knowing random facts 

Sleep, Marry, Kill: 
Round 1: Joel Kinnaman, Ryan Reynolds, Dave Franco 
Sleep: Joel Kinnaman, Marry: Dave Franco, Kill: Ryan Reynolds 
Round 2: Jared Leto, Chris Evans, Orlando Bloom 
Sleep: Jared Leto, Marry: Chris Evans, Kill: Orlando Bloom 
Round 3: Paul Rudd, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender 
Sleep: Michael Fassbender, Marry: Paul Rudd, Kill: Tom Hardy 
Round 4: Choose between three guys you picked to marry from previous rounds 
Paul Rudd 

Katie’s Questions 

If you could turn any comic book into a TV series/films, which would it be and why? 
The Lumberjanes series. It kind of reminds me of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. If not that, then Saga; the characters are quite complex and I think there would be more character development involved if it was adapted.

What film is in desperate need of being remade?
I think I'd like to see a remake of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Which true story out there do you think should be brought to the big/small screen? 
I can't think of anyone at the moment. I usually find out stories about remarkable people through movies. Sorry!

Do you have a collection that’s unusual? If you so, tell all! If not, do you have a collection that is your pride and joy? 
I don’t have an unusual collection, but does a book collection count? I’m not a rare book type of collector, but I think I have a diverse collection of books. 

If you had to pick, which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would you be? 
I’m actually not familiar with them (I don’t watch anything of theirs), so I can’t pick one. 

Which TV show/s out there need to be cancelled pronto?
New Girl. I'm not getting its appeal anymore.

Do you have any nerdy tattoos or if not, what would you have? 
I’ve never thought of getting myself inked, but if I would, probably something Harry Potter related. 

What was the last book you read and would you recommend it? 
The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, I’m on the fence about recommending it because of my lack of enthusiasm about the world and the world building. 

If you were on a quest, who would be your spirit guide? 
Mindy Kaling

What was the film that made you fall in love with films? 
The Royal Tenenbaums 

If you could time travel, where would you go/what would you do? 
The Renaissance period to watch a Shakespeare play performed in the Globe theater.

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