10/16: Monthly Recap

Happy Halloween! I'm not really much of a halloween person so the only thing I am looking forward for the week is that rare midweek break - which happens to be tomorrow. October was a so-so month for my movie viewing. I have yet to watch Doctor Strange (and avoiding reviews) but maybe I'll get to it sometime this week. Here's what I did end up watching this month. 

Reviews You Might Have Missed
Train to Busan – an entertaining South Korean zombie flick
Terminator Genisys – it had potential to reboot the franchise but squandered the possibility

Upcoming Reviews 

Other First Time Viewings 
Star Trek Beyond – I need the next movie, please! While the Star Trek movies haven’t exactly been giving me a ‘wow factor’, I find them entertaining as it’s mostly about space adventure. This is no different, although the climax of the movie was underwhelming. I’m still in this for the space adventure. 
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – This was visually stunning, however I found Asa Butterfield to be the weakest link in the ensemble. 
Nerve – I didn’t see the point of the game, therefore the point of the movie. I didn’t like this at all. 
Sausage Party – I thought that this would be hilarious; I didn’t find it to be that. I have to give it to this animated flick though; this is the raunchiest cartoon I have seen.
Nine Lives – Kevin Spacey has a successful show on television, and he still does something like this.
Finding Dory - It didn't give major emotional pains as Finding Nemo did but I liked how it focused on Dory's history and highlighted how her quirks weren't just random things but are a big part of her and her past. 


  1. Oh boy, I can't believe you sat through Nine Lives. I keep telling myself to watch it just because it would make for a funny review, but I can't do it!
    - Allie

    1. I can't believe I lasted through the whole thing either.

  2. I want to see Miss Peregrine for the visuals, and the trailer is stunning. But I'm not expecting anything exceptional, as Tim Burton is hit or miss these days.

    1. The ones who read the books mentioned that there's some deviation when it came to the characters. It's visually stunning, but I'm not exactly excited for more movies either.