Thursday Movie Picks: The Underdog

EDIT: I didn't know this theme was pushed until March, but here it is. Thursday Movie Picks is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. This week is all about the underdog. Here are my picks this week.

Eddie the Eagle – I got to watch a ski jump practice once and despite it looking so ‘easy’, it’s a pretty tough thing to do. This movie would make you cheer for Eddie as he’s very confident and persistent about his goal. You know he’s set to fail, as people have pointed out, but his unwavering belief in himself would make you root for him. 

Little Miss Sunshine – Another character with unwavering confidence is Olive. She’s always practicing and believes that she could be a pageant winner, even if her family isn’t initially the most supportive bunch. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. 

Rudy – I think this is the most known underdog movie of all time. Like the previous two characters, Rudy is very determined to play football for Notre Dame. The reenactment of his football play is a staple in pop culture, and needless to say this was a memorable film.


  1. Great picks! I especially love Little Miss Sunshine, although I'm feeling embarrassed now that I haven't seen Rudy! I'll check it out :)

  2. I love Little Miss Sunshine, that's such a lovely film. I haven't seen the other two. (Yes, I know, everyone has seen Rudy lol)

  3. Good choices for the theme but this one got pushed back into March when Wanderer added the other blogger picks. Still the two of these I've seen Little Miss Sunshine and Rudy are highly enjoyable and capture the underdog theme well.

    I'll share my choices for the new theme of the week stars who passed in 2016. I picked by top four favs.

    This Happy Feeling (1958)-Debbie Reynolds-When her boss makes a pass at a party in the Connecticut countryside New Yorker Janet Blake (Debbie) dashes into the rain just as Bill Tremaine (John Saxon) is passing and offers a ride to the subway. When she misconstrues a comment Bill makes as a come-on she jumps out and makes her way to the nearest house which belongs to retired star Preston “Mitch” Mitchell (Curt Jurgens) which he shares with his live-in housekeeper, the tippling Mrs. Early (a hysterical scene stealing Estelle Winwood). Stuck and soaked to the skin she stays the night in his guest room but when Mitch’s lady friend, the droll Nita Hollaway (a standout Alexis Smith) stops by in the morning she assumes the worst. Mitch sets her straight and hires Janet as his secretary beginning a charming romantic comedy with Debbie falling for Curt while John falls for her and she being pulled one way and another while Alexis makes caustic remarks from the sidelines. Little known Blake Edwards comedy is a hidden gem and a first-rate showcase for Debbie’s special magic.

    Sense and Sensibility (1995)-Alan Rickman- When the Dashwood sisters Elinor and Marianne (Emma Thompson & Kate Winslet) and their mother are forced to move out of their home by their brother’s rotten wife they move to a cottage on their cousin’s estate in the English countryside. There Marianne becomes enamored of the dashing Willoughby (Greg Wise) while the more sedate Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman) pines for her. Meanwhile Elinor yearns for the unavailable Edwards Ferrars (Hugh Grant). There’s so much more in this top flight Jane Austen adaptation directed by Ang Lee but this is a great example of Alan Rickman’s versatility. Best known as the suave but ruthlessly evil Hans Gruber in Die Hard he is the complete opposite here and makes both characters fully formed people.

    Me, Natalie (1969)-Patty Duke-Natalie Miller (Patty) is an average looking Brooklyn teen who has a developed a complex from her mother always telling her she’ll be beautiful someday so don’t worry about being plain now. Her traditional father’s no help, he’s bribed a nerdy family friend (Bob Balaban) to marry her so she can be the housewife he thinks is all she should or can be. Encouraged by her jovial Uncle Harold (Martin Balsam) she breaks free. Renting an apartment from the dotty Miss Dennison (Elsa Lanchester) in Greenwich Village she embarks on a sometimes rocky journey of discovery where she finds that being comfortable with herself is more important than how she looks. Somewhat heavy with late 60’s trappings but aside from The Miracle Worker this is Patty Duke’s best big screen performance. Al Pacino makes his screen debut in a short scene at a dance.

    Silver Streak (1976)-Gene Wilder-While traveling to his sister’s wedding on the Silver Streak train easy-going George Caldwell (Gene) falls smack dab into murder and intrigue when he becomes smitten with Hilly Burns (Jill Clayburgh) the secretary of seemingly innocuous Professor Schreiner. When he thinks he sees a dead body thrown from the train it’s the start of a wild ride both on and off the train during which he partners up with escapee Grover Muldoon (Richard Pryor) who gets him in and out of one crazy situation after another. Mix of comedy, slapstick, thriller and adventure was the first and best pairing of Wilder and Pryor.

    1. I haven't seen any of the movies, but I'll be watching Sense and Sensibility after I read the book!

  4. Little Miss Sunshine is adorable! The whole cast is so damn good in it

  5. Ah I made the same mistake too :)

    Still yet to see Eddie and haven't heard of Rudy but I love Little Miss Sunshine - I take it as be yourself no matter what you're doing and someone will support you