The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects is one of those films that is referenced frequently in pop culture. With that said, I know about the 'plot twist' beforehand, so my viewing is mostly about if the film is still enjoyable even if you know the big reveal. It's a simple heist story; when a burning ship was discovered at the port in California, the road leads back to a small-time crook and sole survivor Verbal Kint, and a criminal line up he partook in six weeks ago. 

If one is up for great storytelling, this is the film to watch. The tale Kint weaves is very engaging - how they all end up in the line up, what they decide to do afterwards, and all the other events that eventual lead to the scenario he is being questioned for. In order for a plot like this to keep one's attention, it should be written well and the narrative must be plausible. The film certainly showcases that, from the introduction of new characters, and the details surrounding the events Kint was involved in. 

Kevin Spacey gives a wonderful performance, and his delivery makes him sound like a great storyteller. To sell a movie like this, there needs to be a believable lead character, and he is. It also helps that he is supported by a great cast who gives performances fitting to their character. I thought that this film is more of the narrative and less of the performances, but good acting certainly provided well for the narrative. 

As for watching this knowing how it ends, this film ages well. It's clever and entertaining and well done right at the end. It is very simple, but simplicity done well can be excellent. 

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  1. The film definitely ages well, but I too knew the plot twist prior to seeing this movie. I couldn't imagine how shocked I would have been back in the 90s seeing this for the first time. Great cast too.

    1. It does take away the mystery but it's still a great film.