Thursday, April 20

Thursday Movie Picks: A Disappearance

Thursday Movie Picks is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. This week's theme is about disappearances in movies. Here are my picks for the week. 

All Good Things - I think this was inspired by the Robert Durst case, where his wife is missing and it chronicles her relationship with her husband before her disappearance. I don't remember much from this except for the last few minutes of the movie, as I think that was the prominent part of the whole thing. 

The Girl on the Train - This had Emily Blunt play the lead character who injects herself in a missing persons case because she has observed the couple from her train ride to work. This wasn't a good adaptation but a lot of people loved Blunt's performance her. 

Prisoners - This takes two approaches into handling a missing girl's case. The cop tries to do it the legal way - investigates, interviews, deduces facts based on evidence. The father of the missing child narrows his focus to a strange person who he's convinced took his daughter. There were a lot of gritty scenes, some of them that I couldn't forget even if I tried. 


  1. I've only seen Prisoners and I love that one. Great pick, there. I hope to see The Girl on the Train pretty soon. Somehow, I just never got around to All Good Things. Sounds like I should change that.

  2. I've seen all of these films. Prisoners is my favorite. Love that one.

  3. I actually really enjoyed All Good Things despite it's poor reviews from critics...Dunst and Gosling have great chemistry; I'd love to see them in another movie together!