Favorite Movies Reviewed on Big Screen Small Words

Does the title make sense? I have been blogging for the past five years, and I was looking for something to celebrate the milestone. According to my review index (as of writing), I have reviewed around 200+ movies so I'm celebrating the milestone with a list of favorite movies I reviewed on my blog. I chose the ten movies on this list based on how memorable they are for me. It might be because I didn't expect to enjoy it, or I stumbled upon it some time ago and loved it. Some of these are now part of my favorite movies of all time. I won't be linking reviews because of third party hosting rules, all images are replaced with those error images. All the posts are basically 'destroyed'. The list is in alphabetical order. *may contain spoilers*

Adventureland narrates the story of a young man who gets stuck working at an amusement park to earn money for school. It's a very summer-y tale, it boasts a great cast and an amazing soundtrack. I love the pairing of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart; they compliment each other. This is a movie that makes me happy whenever I watch it, and is also one of my favorite movies of all time

I think the ending of Broken English isn't so satisfactory because it doesn't sweep you back to the romance, especially when you're waiting for the characters to get back together. The movie is about a woman who hasn't been having luck on her professional and personal life. She meets a Frenchman in a party and they strike a connection. This is my all-time favorite movie of Parker Posey's, and I love her chemistry with Melvil Paupaud. But like I said, I wanted more from the ending but it's still a good movie.

Death to Smoochy is such an under appreciated work of Robin Williams. It tells the story of a children's show host who gets fired and replaced with a Barney-like character (played by Edward Norton), and the host's crazy antics to dethrone Smoochy. This was bleakly funny and I really loved this. I watched this alongside World's Greatest Dad (another underrated Williams role), with both of these movies surprises for me.

Like Begin Again, I was obsessed with the soundtrack of God Help the Girl. This is more of a musical type of movie, as the music numbers always seem like they're for a music video. The movie spans during the summer when three people form up a band and they play their songs. The cast was really good, especially Emily Browning; I think the role fit her quite well.

Lars and the Real Girl was released during a time where I wasn't allowed to watch these kinds of movies because of all the questions (oh, youth and innocence, what a time!) it would raise. Basically, a socially awkward man brings a plastic doll and treats it as if it were alive, with the community going along with it. This is one of my favorite Ryan Gosling movies and performances. It's quite an endearing movie.

I was looking for some Cher movies before and stumbled upon Mermaids. I want to kick myself for not watching this any sooner. It did make me look for more old Winona Ryder movies. This is a fantastic movie about a single mother and her children, with the focus being on Ryder and Cher's relationship. This is a good mother-daughter film; it's also entertaining and the dynamic between the family is adorable. Another unexpected surprise for me.

I think I babble about Pure a lot when it comes to Alicia Vikander. This was the movie that made me sought out her other work and look forward for her other movies. I got excited for Ex Machina because of this. The story itself is kind of typical - a music connoseur gets a job in the opera and has a relationship with a conductor - but her performance is a must-watch.

Another surprise for me was Stoker. Wentworth Miller isn't onscreen so much but his script was executed well by Park Chan Wook. The story starts at the death of India Stoker's dad, a parent whom she was close to. Couple that with the appearance of an uncle who starts to live with them, it only gets interesting from there. The cinematography and production design is so amazing. If nominations were based on merit and not buzz, this needed to be nominated for cinematography.

The One I Love is one of those movies that it's better to know as little as possible because you will be spoiled. Basically, a couple is having problems and therapy suggested that they go on a retreat. I haven't been drawn so much into a movie with a limited cast as this one.

Ending with another Kristen Stewart movie, Welcome to the Rileys has a couple (James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) take in an underage stripper. This was when I realized that Stewart is really good on smaller movies as she uses her range to get her roles that compliment her. 

That's my list! Do you have an unexpected movie that you enjoyed and reviewed? Do you have a review that you feel passionately about? Link your post in the comments below; I would love to read it! 


  1. Happy 5 Years! You have some great films on this list. I love that God Help The Girl made it. Another "modern musical that isn't La La Land" that everyone seems to ignore. lol. Stoker, Lars and the Real Girl, The One I Love, and Adventureland are great too!

    1. Thanks! God Help the Girl is such a delight and a underrated work.

  2. Congrats on five years! There's a lot of movies on here I haven't seen but they look pretty cool. I hope you have a lot more fun movies to look forward to and reviewing! :D

  3. I never thought I'd see someone list Adventureland as one of their fave fives. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it but wasn't inspired by it to consider including it in a top 5 list.

    Happy 5th anniversary! 200+ reviews, man, that's some accomplishment. I'd be lucky if I had a quarter of that many and surprisingly my blog is 5 years old as well.