Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is about a group of people who were hired for a diamond heist, only for their plans to be foiled by a police informant in the group. The plot is straightforward, so this is relying on the delivery and pacing of the narrative. Since this was one of Quentin Tarantino's prolific work, my expectations were a bit high.

It does deliver on its premise: the characters debate on who the mole is and what happened to the rest of the group. It also shows events prior to the heist itself, with Tarantino employing a simple diner conversation to introduce the main players of the movie. This leans heavily on the plot and performances of the actors. While they do give good performances, it wasn't what I expected, quality-wise. 

It's not a bad piece of film. It employs a style that is present in Tarantino's work, but I didn't like this as much as I liked Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown, two films that also came out on the same decade. Looking at this and the latter two films, it wasn't as memorable, or as emotion-inducing as the two were. I was a bit let down by this, but if one hasn't seen anything by Tarantino, I would suggest watching Reservoir Dogs as a starter. 

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  1. I liked this one too. It's probably smack dab in the middle of my list of Tarantino films. I have one of his up for my Blind Spot this month too - Jackie Brown!

  2. I agree it isn't as good as Pulp Fiction, but I like it just a bit better than Jackie Brown, at least that's how I feel today. It's a film almost solely reliant on dialogue and, for me, this is some of Tarantino's best. That's what makes it work for me. I will agree it is less emotional than Jackie Brown, but more of a movie that makes you say "a-ha!" If that makes sense.

    1. I think I would have liked this too if I was starting out with Tarantino. Granted, I am starting out with his filmography, but when pinned against Pulp Fiction, it doesn't wow me as much.