Thursday Movie Picks: Meltdown

Thursday Movie Picks is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. Head over to her site and join in! This week is all about meltdowns. Here are my picks for the week. 

Christine - The flow of this film reminded me of a time I performed a monologue in class, acting out as a drunk man lamenting the loss of his children (this was based on a reading, so limited pool of characters of choose from). It was slow going, until the moment comes when you drop in the moment that electrifies the piece. In this film's case, it was the live suicide of Christine Chubbuck - the scene itself, and the aftermath: finding the script, rushing to the hospital, and the coverage of the piece. The film moves at a slow pace, but as it progressed, the pressures of the job got to Christine that she ended up staging what she did because that was what her boss was looking for. Rebecca Hall gives a committed performance here.

Ingrid Goes West - The pressures of living a fantastic life in social media has gotten to Ingrid's nerves as she travels to California and attaches herself to Sloane, this chic person. The pressure erupts when Sloane's brother shows up and tells Ingrid that he knows what she's up to, and Ingrid just goes further down the rabbit hole from there. 

The Shining - The meltdown in this film is iconic that it's impossible not to know what this is about even if one hasn't seen the film. This is one of my favorite Stephen King films. Jack Nicholson was scarily good in the role. Even if this does appear in pop culture from time to time, it still surprised me the first time I watched it.


  1. I wish I would've thought of Ingrid Goes West for this! I love all three of your picks.

  2. I've only seen The Shining but yep, that was one big meltdown. 😅 Nicholson was soooo good in it, yes!

  3. Hall should have one every award in existence for Christine.

    1. I love how Hall is such a versatile actor - she doesn't give the same performance twice.