Thursday Movie Picks: Meet Cute

My friends and I were talking about online dating, and how it’s not for some of us and would prefer to meet people the organic way. In part, I think that is wishful thinking if you’re thinking of meeting people outside your network because unless you put yourself out there, you’re not going to meet any one new. The other end though, is meeting someone coincidentally and turns out you end up with them. It’s the stories of people you know that make it seem like it is a possible scenario, but statistically how likely is it to happen? I can go on a tangent on this topic alone, so here are my picks for this week.

Say I Love You - Say I Love you is a Japanese movie set in high school, where the main character somehow ends up into a relationship with a guy that’s somehow the opposite of her. He’s friendly, popular, and well-liked. She’s shy and tends to keep away from other people. Most of the conflict they encounter involves romantic intentions from other people. The relationship did help bring the main character out of her shell - making friends, knowing what wants and determined to keep it. At the same time, it taught the love interest to be more thoughtful and mindful, and to evaluate his own feelings. The story starts immediately when they get into a relationship because he helps her thwart her stalker by declaring he loves her, then kisses her. 

What’s Your Number - Anna Faris and Chris Evans play neighbors who help each other out when she hires him to look into her past boyfriends because according to a magazine, she should have already found the person she was meant to be with because of the number of people she slept with. In return, she makes up excuses for him so he can escape the numerous women he’s had relations with. I like the chemistry they both have here. It’s a fun movie to watch. This was also based on a book, though I can’t recall if I liked the movie ending or the book’s ending better. Plus, Chris Evans is shirtless a lot of times, so what’s not to like? 

Leap Year - I need more Matthew Goode romantic comedies, really. I wouldn’t mind Matthew Goode in dramatic romance movies too. He stars with Amy Adams as a pub owner who takes Adams’s character into Dublin so she can try to propose to her boyfriend on leap day. While I like the chemistry these two have, the movie needs more romantic moments between them - particularly in better shots and lighting. There were scenes that were romantic but it was either too dark or too far (the camera work for that proposal scene? Why take us out of the moment?). This was cute though.

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