Trailer: Begin Again

While I was so excited to see Keira Knightley in Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit, that movie was a bit disappointing (and we really didn't get enough of her). Now she's in a musical dramedy alongside Mark Ruffalo - and while I love both actors (Mark Ruffalo can never be overrated), I'm not getting high expectations with this one. However, it came from the director of Once (which was a darling, according to reviews; I haven't seen it myself) so this could be an unexpected something. What do you think?


Following the success of dystopian future of The Hunger Games comes another young adult adaptation franchise that has been making marketing headlines to become the next Hunger Games series: Divergent. Does it have the makings to become the next big franchise? I wouldn't say that about now, but who knows what will happen with Insurgent, especially if it also takes in the same momentum as Catching Fire did, appearing to be a superior movie from its predecessor. As of now, I have my reservations with Divergent being great, but it has the potential to become as big as the other franchise.

God is in the Movies Blogathon

Inspired by the stream of biblical-related films being released this year, Fisti's blogathon aims to ask bloggers how they like god/biblical tales interpreted in film. I have limited knowledge when it comes to direct storytelling from the bible (like biblical epics), and was supposed to go with a very long answer  (but ultimately changed said answer) hence for this blogathon, I'm answering his question with two non-biblical movies: Life of Pi and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. 

Captain America Blogathon

I found out about Fandago Groover's blogathon through Fisti's post (read his choices here) and I thought that I'll give it a try. The blogathon's objectives is to recommend 10 films to Steve Rogers, who has been frozen for a long time. Besides the year constriction, it can be about anything - historical relevance, etc. It was a challenge, as I could have made a list of films to recommend based on reputation alone (like the likes of Citizen Kane). However, I thought that it's best to be familiar with the films I'll recommend, especially when asked an opinion about it.

Double Feature: Mr Peabody & Sherman / Muppets Most Wanted

Although I watch a lot of movies,  I don't get to review as much. Even if I do want to review something, my reviews about certain films are too short in length, hence I thought of compiling some reviews together. With that said, why not start with two films that star Ty Burrell? I managed to catch two of his movies this week. Both are children's films, and shows that Burrell has the potential outside of Modern Family. 

Kramer vs Kramer

I just finished reading Mindy Kaling's book a couple of days ago, and there was this sentence about marriage that her mother told her. Paraphrasing her words, she said that when one person is unhappy in a marriage, it means that they are both unhappy, but the other hasn't realized it just yet. It reminded me that I still have to write my review for this film - hence, my babbling. Kramer VS Kramer moves within a simple lining - it is about the failure of Ted and Joanna's marriage, and the good and ugly bits that go with it. It's a simple film, yet it tells a rich story.

Spin Off Blogathon

Sati from Cinematic Corner is hosting her first blogathon! The mechanics are simple, yet quite challenging. I deviated a bit and instead of choosing one character, I chose three, but is considered to be one entity. We've joined Jesse and Celine to three movies spanning nine years, with their relationship in an entirely new level in Before Midnight. Yet, there's an integral part of their relationship that wasn't really featured - their children.

Trailer: Locke

This literally looks like a one-man show, with Tom Hardy staying inside his car the entire time. Does it interest me? Maybe. I mean, it's a movie about a man in his car...the entire time. Tom Hardy is a good actor, but I think I'll have my reservations on this one until I read further reviews. 

Blindspot: Carrie

The remake of Carrie was making headlines last year, and while I wasn't a fan of the Moretz remake (nor do I have the inkling to see it), it did prod me to add the 1976 Carrie to my blindspot list. Despite my dislike of horror films, I should at least cross off a classic. Suffice to say, this might have been my favorite so far. Why this was even bothered to be remade is beyond me. Seriously, Hollywood should stop touching perfect films and tainting them with remakes. This one is simply perfect.

Trailer: Frank

I thought this would be released last year, but I guess it was moved. It's something new from Michael Fassbender (a comedy!), so definitely looking forward for this one. If Karl Urban had to act with only showing half his face during the entire run of Dredd, imagine having to act with your face covered the entire time. The trailer looks fun, although it's not the typical comedy flick. He's supported by Domhnall Gleeson and Maggie Gyllenhaal, two actors who look like they could pull off this film. 

Youth in Revolt

Once upon a cinematic time, there was this phase I'd like to refer as "The Michael Cera Era". It's the time when he became the poster boys for geeks and geeks alike. His presence was so strong in the movie world that I didn't have a conversation about movies that didn't involve their like for his character and how he was bearing the path for an emergence of a new kind of a leading man. While I've never understood his fad, I did see some of his movies but never saw his appeal. I found the character he was playing to be stereotypical and tiresome. Watch one movie of his and you've watched it all. I saw a couple of his movies at later years (when the phase has died down) and it was only then I realized that the man does have talent and charm.

02/14: It Must Be Love (Love, Love).

February greeted us with some sad news in the film industry - the demise of beloved actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman. While I haven't seen a great deal from his filmography, he greatly impressed in the ones I've seen him in. February also gave an excuse to dig up those romance movies - whether cliche, heartbreaking or simply a wonderful story of love. I haven't seen much movies lately, but I did manage to catch up with True Detective, and it really is an amazing show! I also saw the last season of Sherlock this month, and I can't wait to see what they have in store with the next one! Oscars are this Sunday (Monday morning my time), so we'll finally get the answers to our personal bets on who will take home the statue. As for catching up with all the nominees, I still have a long way to go.