Thursday Movie Picks: Father-Daughter Relationships (Biologically Related)

At the end of each month, Thursday Movie Picks has an all-in-family edition theme, with this week taking a look at father-daughter relationships. Some of my choices this week are/feel kind of 'out there' for the theme, but I chose to focus on the relationship rather than actual father-daughter movies. Here are my choices this week:

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel brings us the newest installment of the franchise where we get to see the Avengers fight a new enemy, make new allies, and find out more about the lives of the superheroes. While this is much grander than the first one, there was something in the first movie that made it stand out but it doesn’t seem to be replicated here.

White Swan, Black Swan Blogathon

Sati of Cinematic Corner is hosting a blogathon, where she asks us to write about our favorite characters that display dual personalities. I had a difficult time deciding which character to write about because apparently I surround myself with too much comedies that I barely watch anything with complicated characters.  But here is a character I think fits the bill on having dual personalities. Note: this post has spoilers.

Thursday Movie Picks: Superhero Movies

Thursday Movie Picks is a weekly meme hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. Participants have to pick three movies that are in line for the week's theme and share their choices and thoughts about it. Seeing that the new Avengers movie opens this week, it's quite fitting that this week we talk about superhero movies. While the superhero genre has been consistent since then, it peaked when Marvel released Iron Man and people were impressed so thus began the stream of movies. This boom has made an impact on movie sales that even a fresh franchise (Spider-man) got its reboot before the movies reached a decade. We're even getting prequels for superhero movies! With a ton of these slated for the next couple of years, I wonder if the audience is starting to have superhero fatigue or we just can't get enough of them? Cutting this short, here are my picks this week:

Blind Spot: Leon (The Professional)

One of my blind spot choices that I was very excited about was Leon: The Professional. Knowing nothing much about it except it was the role the skyrocketed Natalie Portman to fame, there were no prior expectations as to what the movie may be. Needless to say, this was fantastic, considering the last Luc Besson movie I've seen was Lucy, and that was a bit messy, to say the least.

Summer Blockbuster Cast-a-thon

John of Hitchcock's World is hosting a blogathon! Here is the scenario, as well as the rules:
Oh no! It seems the Prime Minister of Canada was on a flight to a very important U.N. conference when his plane was shot down somewhere over an isolated war-torn location and now he has been kidnapped by Neo-Nazi communist hippy ninjas. We received a message from them demanding that the United Nations deliver Belgium's top-secret nuclear launch codes by May 31 or they will kill the Prime Minister. Oh, it's a catastrophe. Whatever shall we do? If the Prime Minister doesn't make it to the conference in time for his speech and fails to present the contents of his top-secret briefcase it could mean the end of civilization as we know it!
It seems the only thing we can do is find the toughest men and women available and put them together as a ragtag force of crack commandos who can get in there, find the Prime Minister, take out the enemy, and bring him back in time for the conference. Are you a bad enough dude (or dudette) to organize this team and rescue the Prime Minister? 
1. Select a group of 12-15 characters from action movies. They are not required to be military, but they should be tough enough to look after themselves when things inevitably go wrong.
2. For each character you choose, include a few words on why you selected him/her and what skills they have that could contribute to saving the Prime Minister of Canada.
3. Much like my Voyage to the Stars Blogathon, there must be gender and/or racial diversity. Ideally, I would prefer it if you could manage both but one or the other is acceptable. If possible, national and sexual diversity is also greatly encouraged (but not required). Either way, I do not want to see any all-white, all-male squads. Doing so means an automatic disqualification.
4. There are no restrictions regarding the era in which your chosen characters originated or their nationality. You could in theory assign Vazquez from Aliens with Nantz from Battle: Los Angeles and Dutch from Predator.
5. You cannot include two or more characters from the same film.
6. I would like you to include the above banner in your post. However, if you want, you may design your own provided it contains the title of the blogathon and imagery that fits.
It took some fiddling around, but I finally found a team dynamic I liked. I decided to add a bit more to the scenario so the line-up would make sense. I've arranged it from the people who are doing the actual rescuing, to those working the surroundings. I am in no way knowledgeable about ranking so my picks are based on impression (not position title) alone. Here are my choices for the mission:

Thursday Movie Picks: Police Movies

Thursday Movie Picks is a weekly meme hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. Head over to her site, check out the themes (this whole year's already released) and join in the fun! This week theme is police movies. Here are my choices this week:

Thursday Movie Picks: Dance Movies

Thursday Movie Picks is a weekly event hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. We are to pick three movies that correspond to the week’s theme. Dance movies are not my thing; I think I just liked the dancing part better than the plot that goes with the dancing. The only exception is that it can't be a musical or based from one. This category was bit difficult, but here are my picks this week:

Pilots: iZombie, One Big Happy, Weird Loners, Younger

I’ve been watching a lot of television shows lately, whether they be new ones, shows I follow that premiere around this time, shows I need to catch up on, or my all time favorites. I’ve been watching some pilot episodes lately, particularly these four new shows that have just recently be released.

A Fistful of Moments

Andrew of A Fistful of Films is hosting a blogathon. Inspired by his own cinematic moments post, he asks us what are our favorite cinematic moments. So, what exactly is a ‘cinematic moment’? In his words: 
We all have them in the back of our minds; those moments that make us think "man, this is what the movies are all about". We relive those moments in our mind's eye, remembering them and dissecting them and adoring them. They come in all shapes and sizes, from all types of films, and yet they all share one very important aspect; they define why we love the movies. It could be the way that the moment is cut; the way it's edited together. It could be the way the moment uses it's actors to evoke a powerful emotion from us. It could be the way that music floods the scene and draws us even closer to the moment in question. It could be a grand climax, a breathtaking introduction or a simple interchange. It could be any and all things, because for every film lover, the list is different.
Here are the rules for the blogathon:
1) Pick a number between 1 and 100 (any more than 100 is just gaudy)
2) Choose that many cinematic moments that are either your all time favorites or ones that could, on any given day, be your all time favorites
3) Post them on your blog (or Tumblr or whatever) with the above header (or one you create for yourself)
4) Send me the link by either posting it here in the comments or getting ahold of me on Twitter ( @fististhoughts )
Here are some of my favorite cinematic moments. There are more, and by no means are these all my ultimate favorites (still a lot more movies to watch). Also, I think I may have forgotten a lot, as most of these are in the top of my mind. These moments are in no particular order. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Teenage Comedies

Thursday sure came early this month! Thursday Movie Picks is a year-long event hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, in where she gives a theme for the day and we list down three movies we associate with it. This week’s theme is teenage comedies. There are tons of movies to choose from, but I thought I’d make my picks female-centered this week.

03/15: There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'good job'.

The month has been slow, blog-wise. The only review I wrote this month was for my blind spot, and I had almost forgotten about it! I wasn't feeling very 'wordy', but hopefully things will go back on track. I spent the start of the month watching tv series, finishing You're the Worst, Selfie and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I'm still thinking about which show to marathon next, maybe I'll finally get back on track with The Affair or House of Cards