03/15: There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'good job'.

The month has been slow, blog-wise. The only review I wrote this month was for my blind spot, and I had almost forgotten about it! I wasn't feeling very 'wordy', but hopefully things will go back on track. I spent the start of the month watching tv series, finishing You're the Worst, Selfie and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I'm still thinking about which show to marathon next, maybe I'll finally get back on track with The Affair or House of Cards

5 Centimeters Per Second | Beauty and the Beast | Birdman | Cargo 200 | Desperately Seeking Susan | Enemy | Fish Tank | Freaky Friday | Heat | House of Tolerance | In Paris | Life Partners | Munich | Mural Murals | My Super Ex-Girlfriend | Paddington | Patriot Games | Persepolis | The African Queen | The Prestige | The Sandlot | The Silence Before Bach | The Taking of Pelham 123 | The Umbrellas of Cherbourg | Top Five | Waitress 

5 Centimeters Per Second - I only liked the first story, but overall I wasn't moved with emotion.

Beauty and the Beast (1946) - The production design was quite splendid - it looked quite creepy and magical at the same time. In terms of relationship, there were more conversations between Belle and the Beast though there were moments that the Beast was acting like a stalker. I didn't appreciate his repeated calling of Belle, which happens all the time. The actors were good, there were some plot holes here and there, but nothing detrimental to the outcome of the whole movie.

Birdman - Michael Keaton was fantastic. The first part has all the actors have ample parts, but as the movie went on, it ultimately centered on Keaton's character and his plight about being an actor. The cinematography was great, and loved the work of all actors involved.

Cargo 200 - The movie was billed as a drama and a thriller, but with the music choices you'd have to think it's dark comedy. I'm not really familiar with the history of Russia and the Soviet, but the movie takes place during the Soviet-Afghan wars and is said to be reflective of the government and society during that time. It was crazy, and yet entertaining film.

Desperately Seeking Susan - This was a enjoyable movie, though I kind of found Madonna's character to be a bit annoying.

Enemy - This film was so good! I had to read a bit about what the ending meant, and with all the theories and explanations I've read, I think I'm going to be seeing this in a different light. 

Fish Tank - I started predicting the kind of character Michael Fassbender had at the third act of the film, so that point was a bit predictable. Overall, this was a very good coming-of-age film. Katie Jarvis was fantastic in the role, I wonder why she hasn't done any movies since then. At times I felt like I was watching a non-English movie though I don't know the reason why (maybe it's the atmosphere, the writing?). It was well-acted, and the camera work at some scenes were amazing.

Freaky Friday (1976) - The concept of the movie doesn't over complicate things for the movie; it is simply about two people interchanging lives when they wished they could be each other for a day. While the movie is certainly for the family, I didn't like that both characters just took the whole thing in stride.

Heat - When I got to watch this, I did not know it would hit a 3-hour mark! There's no mystery behind the plot; we knew the good guys and the bad guys. What the film had was a slow build up to the cat-and-mouse chase that Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro had. The film also touched a bit on their personal lives and their their principles and showed how these two characters are as determined as each other. If you don't mind the length and the slow build up, this might be a good film to watch.

House of Tolerance - The storytelling was fine and it gave a glimpse about the lives of some of the women in the movie. However, it ran a bit too long, so it lost my attention towards the end.

In Paris -  It was a drama marketed as a comedy, as two brothers navigate their lives when one brother loses a lover and the other is acting up because of the loss of a sister. It had some great scenes and great shots. It had a strange narrative because one of the actors kept leaping off the plot to play narrator. 

Life Partners - It's nothing that I haven't seen before, but I like Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs so I gave this one a shot. 

Munich - Another movie that I wasn't sure about. Sure, it was nice - it had a thrilling build up, and the tables certainly turned on them (particularly Eric Bana's character), plus it had a familiar cast, but was it Oscars worthy? I don't think I've seen most of the nominees that year, but in terms of delivery, this was pretty good though I don't think it was awards worthy.

Mural Murals - This is a 1981 documentary about the murals in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately for me, I'm not the target audience of this documentary though it further discusses the creation behind the murals featured in the film. Art connoisseurs would probably appreciate this, as long as they are open minded about what exactly makes art and does not limit themselves to the traditional canvas kind of visual art.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Does Uma Thurman still make good movies? There wasn't much to the movie, remove the superhero concept and it seems like a poorly-made girlfriend revenge flick.

Paddington - This was quite enjoyable, and a good movie for the family.

Patriot Games - I was disappointed because it had a lot of action build up, then it ends just like that? I expected a big splash, considering everything else that happened in the movie.

Persepolis - I recently read the graphic novel it was based on and this movie compliments the book.

The Prestige - This is so Christopher Nolan, but it's the Nolan film I am not likely to watch again. If you're going through his filmography, this is a must watch. It provides a character study between Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale's characters, but it's neither of their memorable roles. The writing was good - the way the film was spun would probably be the only thing I would remember about it. 

The Sandlot - It was alright. Very sports and friendship oriented movie. 

The Silence Before Bach - I wish I was musically inclined, and took a bit of music studies as well. Its narrative form is a bit different, but it just tells the story of the importance of Bach's music from various points. I think I liked this one a lot more because I like classical music and it's my dream to watch a classical concert so movies with such kind of live the dream for me.

The Taking of Pelham 123 - It started with a good note, but it got rushed towards the end just to conveniently wrap things up.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg - It's a simple film but so wonderful. It seems like a character study type of film. It was quite unexpected (both the turn of events and that it's a musical). The production design and the costumes were lovely. A must-watch for people who like romantic movies.

Top Five - I don't think I've enjoyed a Chris Rock before. Not that I don't like the guy, but most of his work seemed forgettable, or I'm just not looking for the right material. The movie has me hooked all throughout; it was rather simple in terms of format, but it worked and it produced a really fantastic movie.

Waitress - I don't think I have ever been annoyed at a movie husband as much as I was with Jeremy Sisto's character. He was a pathetic excuse for a man - though Nathan Fillion wasn't any better. Keri Russell was wonderful in the role. 

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  1. Great mini-reviews! Katie Jarvis was great in Fish Tank, wasn't she? And I agree that Keri Russell was terrific in Waitress. Her husband was one of the most annoying movie characters of all time. *Honk* - *Honk* - *Honk*! :-) Thanks for the link!

    1. I wonder why Jarvis hasn't made anything since Fish Tank, maybe acting wasn't a career for her? Oh yes, the husband was so annoying! I really hated how he treated Russell's character as trash.

  2. I wanted to kill Sisto's character in Waitress. Especially when he tells her not to live their baby more then him? Ugh. GTFO.

    I hope Jarvis eventually does more things. I know they hired her after seeing her fight with her boyfriend at a train station, so maybe acting isn't something she wanted to continue, but she's so talented. I hope she does more.

    1. Yes, that was so annoying! I really hated how he treated her like trash.