09/16: Monthly Recap

By my standards I got to watch a decent number of movies, although I have been pacing myself. Though it doesn’t mean that a good chunk of them were amazing; a lot were a bit so-so to good. Nothing massively disappointing. With that said here are the movies I watched this September!

A Conspiracy of Faith

The third installment of the Department Q movies, it immediately launches into the case at hand as a bottle washes up on shore with a note dating from six years ago. Since it is an unknown case, it was sent to Department Q, a police branch that handles unsolved cases. This leads Detectives Carl Morck and Assad on a manhunt whom has been kidnapping children from religious sects, with two children falling privy to his hands.

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

A movie built on conversation isn't unusual anymore, nor does a city playing a role in the movie's atmosphere. This is the case for Emily Ting's Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, starring real life couple Bryan Greenberg and Jamie.Chung. The film spans out in 2 separate days, and follows two people around the city of Hong Kong.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Getter from Mettel Ray and Katie from She Likes Movies have kindly nominated me for the award. I don’t think I’ve done these in a long time, but now’s probably a good place to start. 


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I’m going to skip the last two, as I think the people who I am going to nominate have already done this post (sorry!).

Me Before You

Prior to reading the novel earlier this year, my interest in the adaptation wasn’t much – it won’t hurt to miss it, or go ahead and watch it. Needless to say, after the novel (and countless loops of the trailer – thanks, bookstore), the expectations for the movie were a bit high. Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin looked perfectly cast for the role. I ended up anticipating this, and instead I was left with mixed feelings.