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March Round Up

New films seen: 5 Rewind: 6 Total: 11 March practically spelled death on my blog. I haven't been watching too many flicks, and only caught up as of late. I was supposed to have some scheduled posts before I took off for Easter weekend but hopefully I'll be pulling in some posts for this weekend. I did have a ton of marathons, but mostly of comedies. Chuck is next on my list; hopefully I'll be able to watch it this summer, as well as my endless watch list. Besides my endless watch list is another look for my blog, as well as a new url. Hopefully this one sticks.

Links Self plug but I participated in a blogathon this month. Head over toLife Between Films to read my entry (under Film Sloth).

Take a look at great father and son films, released by The Playlist.

I was debating on whether to see either The Croods or Oz (and chose the latter). While I have yet to see the former (and post my review about Oz), check out m.brown's review of Croods down at Two Dollar Cinema. 

Spring Break…

Trailer: Monster University

This movie is fast approaching! I read somewhere (I think it was Empire, correct me if I'm wrong) that the creators were having problems with a sequel because of the complications arising due to Boo's character. While I'm sure we'd all like to see her someday (and not just in passing in Toy Story 3), a prequel is still going to bring loads of fun. March is almost coming to an end, and I'm on my way to a place where I have to pay for internet (I don't like hanging around lobbies with my laptop), so hopefully, a post or two will be scheduled. I'm still fixing site glitches since I changed my url; hopefully that'll be done before the end of the week.

Shows that Got Ruined For Me

Pardon the harsh title but I couldn't think of any other way to word it. At one point in time, we stop watching a television show that we rigorously follow simply because it goes another way and the story line ruins the show for us. At least, that's in my opinion. It has happened to me a couple of times and I never thought of writing about it until now. I can only think of seven at the top of my head, so here are the seven shows that got ruined for me. Note: these are not bad/awful shows, I just stopped following them at some point because I personally didn't like how it was turning out. 
Reason: Lucas picked Peyton over Brooke. It's probablymost likely because of the whole Chad Michael Murray - Sophia Bush divorce that the writers had to push the story into another way but when Lucas and Peyton officially got together, I immediately stopped watching the show. I liked Peyton for Jake, they seemed to be more of the compatible pair.

February Round Up

yup, we're all just going to watch ezra do this. from here New films seen: 20 Rewinds: 6 Total: 26 The shortest month of the year is already over yet it felt like the last two weeks have been awfully long. I felt like I've been repeating Friday thrice in one week, only to find out that it's either Wednesday or Thursday. After changing my wires endlessly, I decided to finally retire my laptop. I've been using it since I was a freshman in college and now's a pretty good time to retire it. I wish I could upgrade to a Macbook (like every other person here) but that's going to take a lot of saving. 
Links I'm not going to be putting Oscar coverage links over here, but one of my favorite film bloggers has officially stopped blogging.Cinematic Paradox was one of the first ones I've read and Stevee's really good. She is going to be missed!
Here's an Oscar-related post though. Rachel and Jess over at Reel Insight launched their yearly 30 Days of Oscars in antic…