Blind Spot: His Girl Friday

While I was making my blind spot list for the year, I decided to put movies that everyone deemed to be a “must-see”. Some of these are famous works, works that are so intimidating because of the stigma already set to them by the film society. There are some that are declared masterpieces, or cult classics. In other words, these are really well known pieces that I chose. Looking back at my list, I had no idea how His Girl Friday had come to mind. Was it because of Roman Holiday? Somehow it found its way on the list, I watched it, and liked it - until I got to the final scene. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Vampire Movies

It's another Thursday, which means another entry to Wandering Through the Shelves' Thursday Movie Picks meme! This week's theme: vampires. As I don't want a lot of horror movies, that goes the same for vampire-themed ones. I do have a lot of vampire-related content on my watch list though, which is odd. Usually my lists consists of movies I like, or hidden gems, but for this week, I have one movie that I like, and two that I hate.

1.04 - "Let's Get to Scooping"

While I've been devouring paragraphs of events for the past three recaps, I decided to go with a different route with this one. The episode had a darker turn this week, but has made headlines, primarily because of Viola Davis’ scene, in which she removes her wig and make up. This week’s episode has been intriguing, and the main murder mystery is getting quite exciting. They’ve still yet to reveal if Annalise Keating has any connection with the murder during the flash forward. Editing and writing has been par with the previous episode. Viola Davis nonetheless stood out this episode, especially with the last scene.

1.03 - "Smile, or Go to Jail"

This week’s episode was a lot more coherent than the last. It had better editing and better writing, though they have started to subdue their cases a bit. There weren't much scenes from the flash forward, but the writers are starting to focus on the main murder story (Lila Stangard, not Sam Keating, though I think that the two murders are very connected).

Thursday Movie Picks: Zombie Movies

Here's another entry to Wandering Through the Shelves' Thursday Movie Picks Meme! This month's topics all have horror culture in them, a genre I really don't watch myself. So pardon my entries that they don't seem horror-ish, or scary at all. This week's theme is zombie movies. Usually I'd try to add a hidden gem in my three choices, but with my limited number of movies, I decided to go with movies I like!

1.02 - "It's All Her Fault"

This episode might not be as par with the pilot, but it has certainly kept with the show’s momentum. The format is the same as last episode’s, where there’s a case that they solve and it weaves back and the forth to the present day, where the four students were trying to cover up the murder, now with more clues hinting about what happened. 

Obvious Child

The romantic comedy genre is taking a strong beating due to big productions basically spurning out trash starring stereotypical characters doing typical things. Still, I don't think we can live without them - they're filler movies whenever we need to be occupied enough not to pay attention, or a guilty pleasure watch, or you're a romantic that likes to indulge in thoughts of that kind of love. Anyway, I'm not here to argue or discuss about the state of romantic comedies. However, I think there's been a small resurgence from the genre, ranging from the classics to independent films that try their hand in providing a romantic comedy that is good. Usually it's these films that stay away from the tropes of the genre, and deciding on stories that don't get utilized onscreen. Obvious Child is one of those films that defy the trope. What immediately makes the film stand out is that it is labelled as an 'abortion comedy'. While it gives away the entire premise, it doesn't rob you of the experience of the film unfolding quite nicely, making this one of the best films I have seen this year.

09/14: This is Going to Be a Long One.

My favorite part of September has arrived - fall premiere! Not only are we getting the must watch movies of the year (Oscar season is upon us a few weeks from now), but there's also the endless television show premieres! There are already some that made it to my watch list, and show's I'm considering dropping out of my roster. The upcoming months are just going to be filled with a lot of watching. A lot.