02/16: Monthly Recap

The movie-watching slump continues! The only positives that I’ve gotten out of this is that my reading speed is still steady, and that I finally caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I have binge-watched the first two seasons, and I really enjoy the show. It took me long enough to get hooked, so now I’m catching up with the third season. I also started watching The Office, and so far I’m only in the second season – lots more watching to do. With that, here are the movies I’ve seen this month:

Thursday Movie Picks: Love Triangles

This is the last of the Valentine-themed Thursday Movie Picks for the year. This weekly event is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves; pop over to her site and join in! This week’s theme is about love triangles. There are tons of these, as these are quite a popular trope. Here are my choices for the week

Blind Spot: Harold and Maude

From the opening scene narrative, you already know that an eccentric and delightful film is about to unfold. The song Harold chooses to play as a young man methodically performs what is one of his planned suicide act, it sets the tone to what would be quite an iconic film. This film, aptly titled Harold and Maude, narrates the adventures of two eccentric people – Harold, a young boy with a fascination for death and funerals, along with Maude, an old woman who shares his passion but has a zest outlook in life.


Therese is a salesperson working in the toy department of a store when she encounters Carol. Carol is a mother of a young girl who is going through a divorce from her persistent husband. Both women were at crossroads in their lives when they intertwine and end up falling in love. 

The Acting Black Blogathon

It’s Black History Month over in USA and Wendell from Dell on Movies is hosting a blogathon to celebrate it! It would be between today until February 17 so head over to his site to see the rules and participate! The name that immediately popped into my head for this blogathon was Gugu Mbatha-Raw, a British actress who is better known for her role in Beyond the Lights. While she does give a tremendous performance in that, I decided to go with the first film that has impressed me with her talent and am now looking forward for her future works – Belle.

Thursday Movie Picks: May-December Romance

The Valentines edition of Thursday Movie Picks continues! This weekly event is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves so if you're interested, go and check out her blog and the entries of other participants. For this week, it's all about May-December romances. Here are my picks this week:

45 Years

My grandparents had been married for 50 years; they threw a party to celebrate that milestone. Their marriage did look perfect, but there were some tell signs that indicate that they too had ups and downs. My grandmother is very helpful; too helpful that sometimes people tend to abuse her generosity, and it irks my grandpa. My grandfather has a passive-aggressive attitude that sometimes, is kind of hilarious (like he would tout his grandkids not to eat sweets, but keeps a stash of dark chocolate for us if we were craving for sweets). Sometimes you’d hear them bicker, but at times they can be really endearing. It’s not hard to imagine a couple being married that long; that is an achievement in itself. But what would happen if a life changing circumstance would come between them?

Thursday Movie Picks: Star Crossed Lovers

It's a new month for Thursday Movie Picks, hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. This month, she is running a Valentines Edition, so themes for the month all have something to do with love. For this week, we have star crossed lovers. I think the most famous pair would have to be Romeo and Juliet, and while their relationship is in any way not ideal, the romanticization of their tale would leave us swooning and rooting for the young couple - or so I think. Here are my choices for the week.