Somehow I'm not making strides when it comes to Ridley Scott films, opting for another sci-fi work of his. I've never been a fan of alien life form screeching on the screen (hence I'm not likely to catch the Alien movies), but it doesn't appear so much in Prometheus, the loose prequel of Alien. Coupled with a great cast, Prometheus is supposed to strike as a work of grand sci-fi art. While the film was visually appealing, and the concept is interesting, I was expecting it to be something more.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Have you been watching a lot of films about people being on the lam? Some begin to be quite repetitive, as it's always been the same issues dug through and through - mostly relationship based. If you're looking for something quite different, I don't think From Dawn Til Dusk can be not too different to satisfy that movie craving. I think I spent most of the film with a 'what is this?' sort of face. It really was what I wasn't expecting. 


Are you fond of Jane Austen? If you are, then this might be the movie for you. Tailored to suit Austen fans, Austenland brings to life a modern kind of living during the times of Jane Austen - and the setting for her literature. While it follows a cliche formula of a romantic comedy, it was an enjoyable movie - there were definitely cringe-worthy moments, but nonetheless a breeze to see.

Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy

I actually suggest watching this comedic fest of a trailer. It doesn't strike the similar tone to the other Marvel movies - opting a lighter tone. Considering that Chris Pratt in the lead, that is where the movie seems to be going. Nonetheless, I wish the final product isn't bad - but I'll be definitely watching this when it hits theaters this year. 


An unconventional mother moves her daughters in a new town, where their relationships get tested. What might be a simple storytelling plot can be enhanced by delightful performances varying from one key person to the next. That is the case of Mermaids, billed by Cher, alongside an amazing Winona Ryder and a younger Christina Ricci. Hollywood seriously needs to revive Winona Ryder's career, we need her in more movies.

Blind Spot: Roman Holiday

Two down, ten to go! I was torn between this and Casablanca for my Feburary blind spot, but I decided on a lighter tone, considering my jam-packed February. Needless to say, this did not disappoint and was a delight. Besides knowing Hepburn for her fashion (as she is a style icon), I haven't seen an entire film of hers - until this one. It helps that the first work of hers I saw was her award winning performance - and she was relatively new in the industry at the time. Now I'm pretty much inspired on having a Hepburn marathon, with the likes of Charade and Breakfast at Tiffany's on the list.

Trailer: Hector and the Search for Happiness

I've read the novel a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it - I didn't know that there was a movie based on it. With Simon Pegg in the lead, it sure will be a comedic experience. He has two great supporting women, and I would like to see how Pegg would take the character. Based on the trailer, Pegg's persona of the character differs from the novel. It's pegged to be similar with Walter Mitty, but as I have yet to see the former, I don't want to form an opinion on it based on merit alone. Still, I hope this doesn't disappoint - although I don't think I'll be expecting much to begin with.

The Lego Movie

Legos are very creative. When I pass by a collectors store, there will always be boxes and boxes of different lego products, ranging from Star Wars spaceships to various buildings. The displays are also there to awe - I could not build an intricate piece similar to the boxes to save my life. The Lego Movie is similar in a way that it ceases to amaze. From the animation down to the fitting theme, it becomes a fun experience that brings creativity and nostalgia on the table. 

Trailer: Maleficent

Whether you're a fan of Angelina Jolie/Sleeping Beauty or not, you must listen to the haunting rendition of the song by Lana del Rey. When it comes to Jolie movies, I'm a bit apathetic about them, but that doesn't mean I skip out on them. I like Maleficent, and Jolie looks the part - I like to see what she would do with the role. The trailer doesn't give much to work with on that opinion: she's just raising her hands and giving glares and all that. Hopefully she does justice to the role - even if it is based on an animated character. 


Somewhere is one of the lesser known work of Sofia Coppola. It passed under the radar, even if this is the one that won a Golden Lion. While it tackles themes that are familiar to her, she brings it in a Hollywood setting, choosing an actor and his life as her work's subject. While this isn't a favorite of mine, I feel that this is something whose message is known through the lingering scenes and lack of dialogue that the film brings.

01/14: Awards Month & New Films to Look Out For - Did I Miss Anything?

January has been a very busy month. I had been out of town most weekends so I wasn't able to watch as much movies and television shows. This month marked the start of the mid-season replacements. There's definitely a lot more to catch up on. One of the shows I'm looking forward to is True Detective. Have you seen it? Awards season is now upon us, and while I don't really follow awards show (primarily because I have not seen all awards contenders, so I can't fully make a personal opinion about who should win and so forth), I have been seeing snippets of it, thanks to Tumblr and fellow bloggers. Very happy that Leo got nominated though; I saw Wolf of Wall Street recently and it was amazing! Sundance was also this month, so there's a lot of films to look forward to.