The Five Senses Blogathon

Nostra from My Filmviews is hosting a blogathon! I’ve participated in some of his blogathons and enjoyed doing so. Participants are tasked to describe something movie related (it can be an actual movie, or part of the movie going experience) that they associate with the five senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch). Here is what I’ve come up with for the blogathon:

Trailer: Paper Towns

I still don't know what I feel about Cara Delevingne playing the lead girl (it looks like it works on some scenes and yet there's something completely off about her portrayal) but I would definitely be watching this. Paper Towns is the first John Green novel I've read and hopefully the adaptation does justice to the book. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Mother - Daughter Relationships (Biologically Related)

Every last Thursday of the month, Thursday Movie Picks has a running theme called All in the Family Edition. This week, it's all about mother and daughter relationships. Like last month, I decided to focus on the relationships between the two instead of picking mother-daughter movies. Here are my picks this week: 

The African Queen

I don't usually schedule my blind spot viewings beforehand, but before I knew it March was coming to an end and I still haven't gone to watch any of the movies. The African Queen landed on my blind spot list because it was something that I was told was a fantastic movie. I thought, why not go with this one? I got hooked from the opening credits alone, so this must be a good sign. *Note: this post contains spoilers*

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies Adapted from a Young Adult Novel

Reviews (and everything else in general) may be quiet over here, but the Thursday Movie Picks is going strong. This is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, in which she gives a theme per week and we are to list three movies we associate with the theme. This week’s theme: movies adapted from YA novels. It doesn’t come to a surprise that there is an influx of these movies, especially since potential franchises want to fill in the hole that the Harry Potter series has left. Some are successes and others are failures, but these YA adaptations would not be going away any time soon. Here are my picks this week:

Thursday Movie Picks: Live Action Fairy Tale Adaptations

Once upon every Thursday...Wandering Through the Shelves is hosting Thursday Movie Picks

*cricket noise*

That was an awful intro, but this is one of my favorite themes of this year, so forgive my attempt at trying. Before anything else, if you haven't joined in the fun, go head over to her blog! This week's theme is all about the live adaptation of fairy tale movies! There's a lot to choose from, though my choices would be quite known. Last year I joined a fairy tale blogathon and wrote about Penelope (Christina Ricci and James McAvoy), so I won't be including that in my list. Here's what I picked this week:

Movies I Wish I Was Introduced To Back When I Was 12

I think my title deserves an explanation, so here it goes: I grew up in a family with various age differences. When I realized that one of my younger siblings was entering her teen years this year, I wondered what movies should I begin to introduce her to before she turns 13. That's when it hit me: what movies do I wanted my younger self to be introduced to if I were back at her age? Granted we both like different things (so her list would be different from mine) so I dug into movies that I've only seen recently (in my late teens to present at 23) that I wished I've seen when I was her age. I've taken to account the appropriateness of the content, and if I would appreciate it or understand it during that time. Here are the seven (and a bonus pick) movies that made it to my list, in no corresponding order.

Thursday Movie Picks: Black and White Movies Made Since 1970

Thursday, meet the Thursday Movie Picks meme, hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves! It's quite simple: pick three movies that corresponds to the week's theme and share your thoughts about it! It's never too late to join, so go over to her blog and get started! This week's theme is all about black and white movies, but they have to be made since 1970. My track record with black and white movies is bad enough, so this one was a challenging theme for me. I've only seen a handful of b&w movies since 1970, so here are my picks this week:

02/15: There is only one heart in this body, have mercy on me.

February was fast! The whole month went by on a blur that I don't really recall much of it. Awards season is over, not to mention the fantastic show that is Parks & Recreation. I liked the final episode, though I still wished that they got a whole season run as opposed to 13 episodes. This coming month is going to be pretty busy, even I've been slacking on blog work and commenting on other blogs as well. By the rate I'm going, I'm probably having my Thursday Movie Picks posts up this month. Anyway here's this month's recap!